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GTGrand Touring
GTGran Turismo (GT Racing)
GTGrand Theft (felony)
GTGeorgia Tech
GTGet Together
GTGene Transfer
GTGirl Talk
GTGas Turbine
GTGifted and Talented
GTGreater Than (computer math)
GTGiant Tiger
GTGrant Thornton LLP
GTGoogle Toolbar
GTGame Theory
GTGamertag (Xbox Live)
GTGross Tonnage (maritime)
GTGlobus Toolkit (Global Alliance)
GTGroup Therapy (band)
GTGroup Telecom (Canadian telecommunications company)
GTGlobal Temperature
GTGood Try (games)
GTGlass Tube (vacuum tube)
GTGlobe Telecom (Philippines)
GTGrounded Theory (research methodology; social sciences)
GTGround Truth (physical imaging)
GTGroup Technology
GTGlobal Title (SS7)
GTGuybrush Threepwood (Monkey Island game character)
GTGlyphosate Tolerant (agriculture)
GTGround Test
GTGross Ton
GTGastric Tube
GTGene Trap
GTGround Terminal
GTGround Team (Civil Air Patrol search and rescue)
GTGoal Tending (basketball)
GTGlobe Temperature
GTGuaranteed Traffic
GTGround Track
GTGraphics Terminal
GTGame-tying goal (hockey)
GTGreater Trochanter
GTGenerator Transformer (power plants)
GTGazette Telegraph (Colorado Springs newspaper)
GTGeneral Technical Score (US DoD testing)
GTGround Time
GTGun Target
GTGöteborgs-Tidningen (Swedish newspaper)
GTGreat Tribulation
GTGeneric Task
GTGalilean Transformation
GTGelatinization Temperature
GTGrand Trunk Railroad
GTGrid Tool
GTGeared Turbine
GTGuernsey Telecoms (Guernsey, British Channel Island)
GTGive Tokens
GTGroup Traveler
GTGuide Telescope
GTGround Transmission
GTGround Transmitter
GTGenetic Technologist
GTTransmitter Gain
GTGorgy Timing (Grenoble, France time synchronization company)
GTGood Times Emporium (arcade center, Massachusetts)
GTGain to Noise Temperature Ratio
GTGrid Transformer (UK grid substations)
GTGroup Tactic
GTGround Transmit
GTGrowler Test (armature test)
GTGrunt Tech [US Navy hospital corpsman assigned to a USMC unit] :-)
GTGuidance Transmitter
GTGrassetech (Delta, Utah, USA)
GTGovernment Transportable
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For a chance to rock with the Chicago native in the Game with Fame on March 14th from 1:00 to 3:00 PM Central (11:00 AM to 1:00 PM Pacific) in Guitar Hero World Tour on the Xbox 360(R) video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, send a friend request to the gamertag GHRiseAgainst1.
com, and while every player who registers and participates will be drafted, fans can make their own pitch for why they should be drafted to a specific team by describing their strengths and weaknesses, platform they play on, gamertag, and they can even upload personal images and videos.
Speaking to a packed Eurogamer conference room, Black Ops II lead designer David Vonderhaar (better known by his online gamertag 'Vahn') has revealed that Prestige Mode, which reverts maximum level Call of Duty players to their original statistics, is being completely reworked by Treyarch:
4 /PRNewswire/ -- If there is anything better than being crowned a Champion of Gaming, it's playing Tiger Woods in a head-to-head matchup on his own video game, according to Steven Ward of Nhill, Australia, also known by his GamerTag as mixie1316.
Register your gamertag now as there are great prizes to be won, including a trip for a winner and one guest to Tampa, Florida, to attend the EA Madden Bowl.
Contestants can register with just their e-mail address and Xbox Live GamerTag.
If you got an Xbox 360 system update: Spring Update rolling out to a few this week -- everyone else next week," Microsoft's Larry Hryb, also known by his gamertag, Major Nelson, posted on Twitter.
The free Silver membership delivers the value that PC gamers expect from an online service, offering free PC-to-PC multiplayer support and in-game voice chat, while going beyond with single-player support, including Achievements and a consistent Gamertag and Friends List across games.
The launch of Games for Windows -- LIVE marks a major expansion of the Xbox LIVE service across multiple platforms, uniting gamers with a single identity, a single gamertag, a single friends list and a single list of achievements attainable on the Xbox 360 and a Windows-based PC.
By downloading the Halo: Mobile Portal, Verizon Wireless customers with select Get It Now-enabled phones can customize their phones with official wallpapers and tones of their favorite Halo characters and scenes, check their most recent Xbox Live Gamertag statistics, send messages, get gameplay tips and receive weekly updates on new limited edition content.
Consumers can chat via video, send photo messages, put their own face in a game, and customize their gamertag on the Xbox Live network.