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GANASGlen View Alliance-Neighbors Achieving Success (California)
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He and others also would like to see the Ganas model replicated in some way at other middle schools and at high schools, where Latino student achievement lags the most.
His own ganas has led him to accumulate some impressive job experience.
The GANAS Program provides tutoring and after-school activities to Chicano/Latino.
GANAS strives to help students achieve academic and personal success by offering educational activities and facilitating student participation in sports, the arts and community service programs, including piano instruction by Lizbeth Ortuste, who volunteers at GANAS, D'Balcazar said.
Ganas in the news: The Ganas group, with adviser Roscoe Caron, spearheaded the recent effort to name the new "Southside" elementary school after Cesar Chavez, the Mexican-American labor activist who led the fight for farm workers' rights in the 1970s.
His award was loudly cheered by members of the Kennedy Middle School Ganas program.
The setting for Monday's 90-minute exchange was teacher Roscoe Caron's classroom, where Spanish-speaking students gather three times a week after school to take part in Ganas, a program that helps students with homework and promotes leadership skills.
The form looks strong with the second and fifth both winning easily next time and there might be more to come from the lightly raced Ganas now that Cox has possibly found his trip.
With his tack suitably secured at Windsor last time, Ganas showed he is not without ability when finishing a close fourth behind Cape Classic.
Clive Cox did not send this four-year-old to the track until last August and while he won one of his four starts, Ganas still looked pretty immature as he pulled hard and ran around a bit in the finish.
One thing missing from the article was the fact that Ganas still exists and is going strong at Kelly Middle School.
According to the PCHR, Muhammad Abu Ganas, 60, and Rami Abu Ganas, 29, were sentenced to death by a civilian court in Gaza on 29 November 2004 for collaboration with foreign security bodies and murder .