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GANSGeorgia Association of Nursing Students
GANSGenealogical Association of Nova Scotia (Canada)
GANSGlobal Access Navigation/Safety (USAF GATM program office)
GANSGranulomatous Angiitis of the Nervous System (neuropathology)
GANSGeneralized Autoimmunity of the Nervous System (immunology)
GANSGerman Academy of Neurosurgery (est. 1996; Bethel, German)
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Gans was a larger than life figure in the ink industry.
In photograph after photograph," says Gladstone, "Hank Gans shows us the variety and brilliance that can be found in the sea.
In Democracy and the News, Gans argues that we need a different kind of news, along with differently trained journalists, while simultaneously suggesting that journalism itself "can do little to reduce the political imbalance between citizens and the economic, political and other organizations that dominate America.
Gans and his Danish cinematographer Dan Lautsten (``Nightwatch,'' ``Mimic'') share a brilliant eye for the expressive possibilities of natural elements.
As Gans writes, "Tbere are no middle class muggers.
Gans worked closely with balanceback to develop a system that is far superior to anything else on the market.
In this action, Gans and Nicholas sought to demonstrate that both Chang, the founder and CEO of Clarent Corporation ("Clarent"), and Clarent's auditor E&Y - defrauded shareholders by materially overstating Clarent's revenues for fiscal year 2000 and the first two quarters of fiscal year 2001.
Gans has an extensive background in the staffing industry, having started her career as an account manager in 1987 for an agency that later became part of Ajilon Finance.
Gans is still leading the company he created in 1950, and remains a powerful force in the industry and within his community.
These provisions and the high coverage on HURF and RARF bonds provide considerable comfort that adequate resources will be available to service the GANs even if this scenario were to play out.
Gans decided that he would compete with his former employers.
While the board's broad GAN pledge provides adequate security for the payment of debt service on these notes, the board ultimately anticipates being reimbursed through federal discretionary grant allocations that would be over and above normal appropriations.