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Carol, 72, and Roger spoke after an unnamed victim of Bennell claimed he was certain former Wales legend Gary, who killed himself in 2011, was abused by the former youth coach.
It's great because people seem to love Gary and Sarah together, which is a compliment, and it's nice that we might be working together again.
The new Gary Rome Hyundai dealership will provide 50 new full-time jobs, 20 part-time jobs, thousands of dollars annually in property tax revenue and an increase in employee payroll to more than $7 million from the current $4.
If you go back a little further, like 1964, Gary was the 16th most popular name in the country.
We have been to see Gary with my mam and dad and took Gary's mam down since the accident.
Mae Cymru wedi colli un o'i harwyr anwylaf, ac mae'r rhaglen hon yn dangos cymaint oedd dylanwad Gary Speed, a chymaint yw maint yr etifeddiaeth mae wedi'i gadael ar ei ol.
Somewhere over the course of the phone call with Evans, Gary changed his mind and decided to go back to Iowa.
Lily Cooper (Lily Allen): "I don't know how Gary Barlow does it.
Gary Ablett before a five-a-side warm-up match, before The Hillsborough Memorial match, in 2009 Picture: PETER BYRNE
Respected throughout the game by players, coaches and managers alike, Gary will be sadly missed.
Gary, who worked for the New York Deli and was a doorman in Newcastle, wasted no time in proposing.
Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) is helping Gary investigate a new career path.