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GASAGreeks Against Sexual Assault
GASAGeorgia Amateur Soccer Association
GASAGuernsey Amateur Swimming Association
GASAGeostatistical Association Of Southern Africa
GASAGlobal Aviation Services of America, Inc.
GASAGrays Athletic Supporters Association (UK)
GASAGrowth Adjusted Sonographic Age
GASAGround Aided Seeker Assist
GASAGraduate Astronomy Students Association (University of Toronto; Canada)
GASAGenetic Algorithms and Simulated Annealing
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De transparente gasa sobre el tocado asienta un lazo (.
Y mae newydd anfon swm enfawr i Gasa meddir wrthyf.
Unable, of course, to reproduce the exact English sounds that generate the music of this line (sound in poetry being always a function of the particular language in which it is written), Borges, a superb and very influential poet himself, wisely elects here not to go for a literal transformation, which would be impossible, but for a poetic re-creation in Spanish that, having on its reader basically the same phonetic and semantic impact that the original has on its reader, is fired by a parallel lyricism and rhythm: "Ahora llovia seguido aunque no fuerte, todavia sin pasion el cielo, el dia disolviendose sin pena, el esquife se movia en un nimbo, un aura de gasa gris que se confundia casi sin limite con la revuelta agua espumosa, atascada de basura" (PS 171).
Caneforas de tunica de gasa y sandalias doradas, las bocas pintadas de bermellon abrian la marcha formadas en dos filas, y regaban rosas de los cestos de mimbre que cargaban al hombro.
The ground handling industry will need to evolve to meet the needs of future airports," Dr Ghanem Al Hajri, Director General of Sharjah International Airport and Secretary General of GASA.
Os cafodd Tom Nefyn ei glwyfo tu allan i Gasa, a'r Caplan Arthur William Davies yn achub ei fywyd, mae'n bosib iawn ei fod yn agos at fy hen ewythr, dim ond mai colli ei fywyd fu ei hanes o, ac roedd ganddo yntau feddwl y byd o'r Parch Arthur Davies.
Mrs Gasa (say) at the stand-pipe at the top of the following hill had opened the stand-pipe late on Thursday and people had complained.
The Puzzle Squad is taking a safari on the W gasa (oo-GAW-suh) Bush Line monorail.
In 2003, fileteadores were given the opportunity to paint the town--literally--when a competition was conducted for designs to decorate the facades of buildings on the street that houses the Museo Gasa Carlos Gardel (Jean Jaures 735).
Rutherford, 37, and Yoshiko Gasa, 29, both of Portland.
Contents: George Crumb, Four Nocturnes for Violin and Piano: Night Music II (1964); Isang Yun, Gasa (1963); Charles Wuorinen, The Long and the Short (1969); John Cage, Six Melodies for Violin and Keyboard (1950) [All works: Paul Zukofsky, violin; Gilbert Kalish, piano].
Gasa, for violin and piano, seems a bit overdramatic, at least to my ears, and I am afraid that may listeners will not have much desire to continue listening to the rest of the program.