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GASERGamma Ray Laser
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While Olabi pledged continued facilitations to help the ICRD and other international relief organizations, Gaser said the ICRC mission of alleviating the suffering of affected families and delivering aid to the beneficiaries would not have been possible without those facilitations offered by the Syrian government and Aleppo Governorate.
See Arne May & Christian Gaser, Response to Thomas and Baker: The Structural Adaptation of the Brain to Training, 16 Trends Cogn.
19) Gaser and Schlaug state that the neural correlates of musical skills are not fully understood: the relationship between structural differences and musician status supports the proposal that volumetric structural differences seen in musicians might be adaptations to long-term musical training.
Reid, editor of Modern Brewery Age; with Gregg Gaser, editor of Modern Distillery Age and Yankee Brew News, and Tom Conti and Robert Lachman of the YBN tasting panel.
2008), and because it has been shown that meditation is associated to physiological changes, such as larger volumes in brain structures (Luders, Toga, Lepore, & Gaser, 2009) and specific brain patterns (Lutz et al.
All nine studies evaluating cortical differences between novice and expert groups found a positive correlation between neuroplasticity and the amount of experience at a complex motor task [Cannonieri et al 2007, Gaser and Schlaug 2003, Hund-Georgiadis and Von Cramon 1999, Janeke et al 2000, Krings et al 2000, Meister et al 2005, Pierce et al 2000, Schwenkreis et al 2007, Tyc et al 2005).
The vermicompost is a rich source of beneficial microorganisms and nutrients (Paul, 2000) and is used as a soil conditioner or fertilizer (Hattenschwile and Gaser, 2005).
A 2004 report in Nature (Draganski, Gaser, Busch, & Schuierer, 2004) found that people who learned how to juggle increased the amount of gray matter in their occipital lobes (visual memory areas).
The three promoted were: Joe Gaser, vice president product development, Steven Fish, vice president marketing North America, and Ed Foley, vice president human resources.