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GATRAGreater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority (Massachusetts)
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Jalur sempalan menuju Tuhan", Gatra, noviembre de 2007, pp.
Gatra (2003a) 'Kampanye Poligamor Presiden Poligami', Gatra, 23 (21 April).
According to Gatra, Oemar, a resident of Sidorejo district in East Java Province, had two Muslim wives and a Hindu one.
The second half of the piece is a reflection of the first half, but with the third gatra (A') deleted so that the following melodicles are shifted to earlier points.
1995; Dwitri Waluyo, 'Dalang: Belajar demokrasi ala Semar', Gatra, 1, 19 (25 Mar.
catustrinsad vajino devabandhor vankrir asvasya sva- dhitih sam eti / achidra gatra vayuna krnota parus-parur anughusya vi sasta //
He started a new magazine called Gatra using the same format and style of Tempo.
They are PT Philips Ralin, PT Sarana Gatra Utama, and PT Sinar Angkasa Rungkut.
The overwhelming similarity between pieces in the level of gatra (units of four notes) is the basis for proposing this notion.
Notes: A Pre-Proposal conference will be held 2:00 pm on Friday, February 19, 2016 at GATRA Administrative Office, 10 Oak Street, 2nd Floor, Taunton, MA.
See also "Sri Sultan HB X Presiden Pilihan Anak Muda", Gatra 13, no.