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GAWAGaragenwagen (German classifieds)
GAWAGratiot Area Water Authority (Michigan)
GAWAGloucestershire Animal Welfare Association (UK)
GAWAGreen And White Army (slang for Northern Ireland international football team)
GAWAGeographical Association of Western Australia
GAWAGerman-American Writers Association
GAWAGreen Actors of West Africa
GAWAGlobal Action for Water
GAWAGreene Animal Welfare Alliance (Athens, NY)
GAWAGreek American Writers Association
GAWAGuardians and Wards Act, 1890 (India)
GAWAGuaranteed Annual Withdrawal Amount
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CREATURE THE ALL FEATURES BRING YOU NEWS LATEST Assistant curator Jay Haywood said: "We sent designs to the group, who have produced these new larger boxes for us, which will definitely provide warm, cosy shelters for Yasmin and Gawa.
To promote the latter, the Gyalwang Drukpa has established several nunneries under the umbrella of Druk Gawa Khilwa in the Himalayas that teach traditional spirituality besides English, Hindi and Himalayan languages apart from computer skills as well as martial arts.
Lyons wrote this account of his, and that of his sergeant, encounters with Balimo villagers in 1916 during the progress of a canoe race or gawa maiyata.
Microfinance Focus: In September 2010, you completed a EUR 20 million (US$28 million) first closing of the Gawa Microfinance Fund (Gawa).
Special investigation be made into the matters related to filing of claim valuing $27 million by Siesa gawa company from India which was accepted by steel mills.
For example, my friend Tashi's eldest son, Gawa, was asked to give his sister, Chimey, the toy because he is older.
To cite another, though nonacronymic, instance: a sign for the Yodogawa River in Hyogen, Japan, is primarily for foreigners since gawa means 'river.
The 12x Big 5 gives users a new level of convenience and a speed that rivals even the best single disc drives," said John Gawa, division manager, PCPC Multimedia Systems Division.
With this GMWB, in the event the Contract Value is zero, the Owner will receive annual payments of the GAWA until the death of the Owner (or the death of any joint Owner), so long as the For Life Guarantee is in effect and the Contract is still in the accumulation phase.
Ako naman, I'm very lenient, kung pwede naman at pasok naman (ang gawa nila na mabigyan ng hangad nilang classification), parang bakit ko kailangang pahirapan pa 'di ba?
Gilda Cordero Fernando once wrote a dedication in the books that she gave the two Olmedo daughters: "Bakit ba palagi na lang sinasabi nila na puro pangit and gawa ni Onib?
Gorgeous Gawa was so excited at meeting our resident red panda, Yasmin for the first time, he fell out of a tree