GDARGas Distribution Access Rule
GDARGreater Dallas Association of Realtors
GDARGartner Denowh Angus Ranch (Montana)
GDARGrinning, Ducking, And Running
GDARGlutamate-Dependent Acid-Resistance
GDARGeneral Department for Animal Resources (Yemen Ministry of Agriculture)
GDARGloucester Dial-a-Ride (UK)
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The GDAR promotes religious tolerance and investigates cases of religious intolerance.
In January 2007 the GDAR learned about this issue and was informed by the State of Mexico that in June 2007 there was a negotiated settlement allowing the evangelicals to freely practice their religion without community pressure.
The GDAR reported that he was jailed by community leaders for failing to fulfill work responsibilities rather than for his religious beliefs.
The GDAR characterized this as a land dispute and organized negotiations with the aim of peacefully resolving the dispute.
According to the GDAR, on January 31, 2007, in San Juan Chamula Municipality in the State of Chiapas, shots were fired at three evangelicals driving home from San Cristobal de las Casas, allegedly because of their religious affiliation.
According to the GDAR, on November 27, 2006, community leaders in Ahuetetla, in the Tepehuacan de Guerrero Municipality in the state of Hidalgo, threatened evangelical parishioners with physical attack and the suspension of power and water services if they continued their religious meetings and did not participate in the town's Catholic celebrations.
The GDAR reported this was not a religious conflict, but rather an internal group dispute over control of the community.
The reason for the killing was not determined, but the GDAR stated this did not involve a religious conflict.
With this information, your GDAR gives you much better, more personalised advice on how to lower your bills.
QI've got a GDAR and want some recommended measures, what's next?
The transaction is seen to increase the share value of GDAR, the buyer said in a press release.
GDAR, which started trading on the Pink Sheets at the beginning of 2010, acquired National Clinical Technology Inc, a US provider of ultrasound and sonographic services to hospitals, clinics and private corporations, and its wholly owned subsidiary Spine & Muscle Rehabilitation Inc (SMR) in February 2011.