GeSCIGlobal E-Schools and Communities Initiative
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The ADSI initiative will use the innovative ICT integration model for the teaching and learning of STEM, tested and validated by the Strengthening Innovative Practice in Secondary Education (SIPSE) project and implemented by GESCI in 20 secondary schools in Kenya and Tanzania between 2013 and 2015.
The ceremony was also the occasion for ADEA and GESCI to sign the renewal of their Memorandum of Understanding, which aims to strengthen their cooperation in order to increase the scope and impact of their programmes and activities.
She added that ADEAs ICT Task Force had just been entrusted to GESCI.
In his address, GESCIs Director General Jerome Morrissey congratulated the graduates and thanked both Finlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the African Union for supporting the ALICT programme.
He reminded GESCIs mission, which is to assist countries in their socio-economic development efforts through widespread integration of ICTs for the development of inclusive knowledge societies.
Receiving the donation, GESCI Country Project manager Esther Mwiyeria indicated that the program helps secondary school teachers in Kenya and Tanzania to inspire, motivate and help their students to better perform in the critical subject areas of Science, Technology, English and Mathematics.