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GEACGenetic Engineering Approval Committee (India)
GEACGeneral Electric Aircraft Engines
GEACGeneral Education Advisory Committee (various locations)
GEACGraduate Education Advisory Committee (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board)
GEACGeneral Education Advisory Council (various universities)
GEACGovernment Efficiency and Accountability Council
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As part of the acquisition, Geac has been reorganized into two separate Golden Gate Capital portfolio companies.
Overall -- Ventana Research found Geac remains the overall winner with Geac MPC Corporate Performance Management Bundle 7.
Kent Jespersen, Non-Executive Chairman of Geac, said, "This endorsement from Glass Lewis comes on the heels of a similar endorsement that we received last week from ISS Canada.
Kent Jespersen, Non-Executive Chairman of Geac, said, "We are very pleased that based on a comprehensive review, ISS Canada recommends its clients vote in favor of the reelection of Geac's slate of eight directors and against the two dissident nominees.
Eric Rosenfeld, President of Crescendo Partners said, "We understand that Geac exerted pressure on Updata to have Mr.
On Monday, August 22, 2005, Geac's Board of Directors announced that it unanimously opposes the election of two dissident director nominees proposed by Crescendo Investments II, LLC, the general partner of Crescendo Partners, because it believes their election would not be in the best interest of other Geac shareholders.
Kent Jespersen, Non-Executive Chairman of Geac, said on behalf of the Board, "Crescendo first approached Geac and demanded two Board seats only two weeks ago.
The dissident proxy circular outlines the matters that Crescendo intends to bring before the meeting to be voted on by Geac shareholders, including the election of certain nominees of Crescendo Partners to Geac's board of directors.
By utilizing Windows Xpe Geac is consistent with Microsoft's "Smarter Retailing" initiative which enables a highly functional point-of-sale at a low cost of ownership," said David Poole, General Manager of Geac's Restaurant Systems Division.
Geac (TSX:GAC) is a global enterprise software company for business performance management, providing customers worldwide with the core financial and operational solutions and services to improve their business performance in real time.
75 for each share of Extensity common stock they hold, and Extensity stockholders who elected to receive Geac common shares will receive 0.
Auckland City will implement Pathway PPR in partnership with Geac, a company with an excellent standard of expertise in local government computer systems and a track record of success.