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GEINGerman Environmental Information Network
GEINGlobal Early Intervention Network (Northeastern University; Boston, MA)
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For the most part, Gein remained ensconced at his ramshackle farmhouse, a building that had acquired a reputation among the local kids as haunted.
Paradojicamente, por entonces el grupo GEIN era acosado por VMT y los servicios de inteligencia del gobierno.
Basada en la historia del asesino norteamericano Edward Gein, (16) Psycho expone la fragilidad de las fronteras entre lo sano y lo malsano y revela que la ilusion norteamericana de haber construido una sociedad moral y segura no era mas que eso: una ilusion.
Esta tambien Ed Gein, quien nacio en 1906 en Wisconsin y mantenia una estrecha relacion con su madre, quien reprimio duramente los impulsos sexuales de su vastago.
The film takes its inspiration from the "true story" of Ed Gein, (1) whose depravities, reclusiveness, and cannibalism also inform Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960), Jeff Gillen's Deranged (1974), and Jonathon Demme's The Silence of the Lambs (1991).
Wisconsin has a very strange and notorious history of serial killers and macabre murders ranging from such infamous characters as Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer.
The media notoriety of multiples such as Ed Gein, John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono, Dennis Nilsen, Peter Southcliffe, Andrei Chikatilo or Jeffrey Dahmer turned the figure of the serial killer into "one of the superstars of our wound culture" (Seltzer 1998: 2), and the lives and atrocities committed by serial killers inspired the creation of fictional villainous murderers such as Thomas Harris' Hannibal Lecter and Jame Gumb--both based on Ed Gein--or Poppy Z.
Superficially we note the recurring title, the names of the main characters--Norman Bates Patrick Bateman, that Bateman cites Ed Gein (American Psycho [NY: Vintage, 1991]: 92) the Wisconsin serial killer who unofficially inspired Bloch's Norman Bates, and later alludes (108) to Alfred Hitchcock's film adaptation of Bloch's novel.
Oostzijde Mill on the Gein by Moonlight by Piet Mondriaan (1872-1944), c.
Gein is also the inspiration for Norman Bates, the paradigmatic "psychokiller.
In fact, she has spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours over the past 25 years chatting amiably with, and reading scores of letters from, serial murderers such as Richard Macek, Edward Gein, John Wayne Gacy, Robert Berdella, and Florida's own Bobby Joe Long.
Ge, Lorenz, Conger, Elder, & Simons, 1994; Jose, Cafasso, & D'Anna, 1994; Jose, D'Anna, Cafasso, Bryant, Chiker, Gein, & Zhezmer, 1998; Tubman & Windle, 1995), and they have defined the stress process in a variety of ways.