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GELCOGreen Electricity Leaders Coalition of Ontario (Canada)
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ExpenseLink/Direct has been built and optimized by Gelco and allows automation of the entire expense management process from anywhere in the world, providing expense reporting, auditing and reimbursement, data analysis and paperless record keeping.
After implementing Gelco, the primary responsibility for submitting reports and ensuring accuracy shifted to travelers, and approval process time was reduced by as much as 60%.
Gelco provides e-business solutions for business expense management and reimbursement to the public and private sectors.
Gelco Expense Management can reimburse clients' travelers virtually anywhere in the world and is the only provider to integrate expense reporting and payments into one solution to manage the entire process.
The Aberdeen analysis identifies Gelco as a leader in the travel expense management marketplace, drawing on more than 30 years of experience.
Patel and Gelco will detail each of the strategic drivers influencing enterprises to automate or outsource their T&E management, and discuss several key findings from Aberdeen's report with regard to integration, payment capabilities and audit services.
With ExpenseLink and Gelco, Garber's clients can gain effectiveness in their expense management process.
The acquisition of Gelco enhances Concur's ability to deliver even greater value to all of our clients by expanding our reach and enhancing scale, enabling us to deliver accelerated innovation.
GELCO was established to recognize and reward corporate leadership in creating an active market for green electricity in Ontario--electricity produced from renewable, low-impact sources such as solar, wind, small run-of-the-river hydro, landfill and biomass.
We were looking for a big reduction in the reactive, repetitive tasks that bog down our people," said Larry Peterson, Vice President, Corporate Technical Services, Gelco Information Network.
He previously worked as a consultant for Hayden & Associates and as an intranet developer and project manager for Gelco Information Network.