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GLDGelderland (Dutch province)
GLDGladstone (Queensland, Australia)
GLDGovernment Logistics Department (Hong Kong)
GLDGloboid Cell Leukodystrophy
GLDGeneralized Lambda Distribution
GLDGoodland, KS, USA - Renner Field (Airport Code)
GLDGood London Delivery (London Bullion Market Association; UK)
GLDGas Leak Detector
GLDGlobal Learning Day
GLDGeneralized Low Density
GLDGround Laser Designator
GLDGovernmental Liaison and Disclosure (Internal Revenue Service)
GLDGeneralized Likelihood Detector
GLDGross Logical Design
GLDGrey Line of Denver
GLDGround Lift Dumping (aviation)
GLDGlobal Love Day (Love Foundation)
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The purpose of this & national public tender is to reach an agreement & for specifications & 2257 maintenance of trees and tree trays 2018 - 2019 to the province of gelderland.
Country: NetherlandsSector: HealthcareTarget: Medisse BVBuyer: BioGeneration Ventures BV , Innovatie- en Investeringsfonds Gelderland , Omnes Capital Deal size in USD: 3.
The Netherlands has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of chickens since health authorities first discovered an infected farm 10 days ago in the central province of Gelderland.
In the United States, Gelderland is distributed by Boston-based Design Link.
Born at Tiel in Gelderland (1765), and entered the Dutch army in 1781; fled to France for political reasons and joined the French army (1787); saw frequent active service during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, especially in Spain (1808-1813) and as a major general in the defense of France (January-March 1814); fought for the Dutch army during the Hundred Days (April-June 1815) and commanded the 3d Division of the Dutch Army at Waterloo (June 18); as governor of the citadel in Antwerp, he bombarded the city (October 27, 1830) during the Belgian Revolution (August-December); held the citadel against Marshal Gerard's French army (November 29-December 23, 1832), but was forced to surrender; retired from active service (1841) and died in 1849.
Innovatie- en Investeringsfonds Gelderland (IIG) invests in enterprises in the Province of Gelderland that are knowledge-intensive and contribute to its regional economic development, a.
Contract Award Notice: Cutlery 2246, Minor maintenance pavements, Gelderland noord
Live footage of the scene broadcast by Omroep Gelderland showed firemen and ambulances at the scene.
The ten regional channels distributed free-to-air via ASTRA are: Omrop Fryslan, RTV Noord, RTV Drente, RTV Oost, Omroep Gelderland, RTV Noord-Holland, RTV Rijnmond, Omroep Zeeland, Omroep Brabant and L1 Radio-TV.
Marly, Bader, Bardi, Bench (Benders), Brianform, Bruhl + Sippold, Brunstad, BW Bielefelder, Calia, Capdevielle, Cappellini, Chateau D'Ax, Christie Tyler, Cierre, Collins & Hayes, Confort, Confortluxe, Cor, Cornwell Parker, CTS, De Sede, Dema, Di Tre, Dieter Knoll, Divania, Doimo Salotti, Durlet, Duvivier, Echevarria, Ekornes, Elastoform, Elle Salotti, Erpo, Ewald Schillig, FM Polstermobel, Fredericia, Frighetto, Frommholz, Gelderland, Gepade, Giorgetti, Granfort, Himolla, Hjellegjerde, Hukla, Hukla, Hummel, IDP, Interline Italia, Intertime, Italcomfort, Jori, Joynson Holland, K.
The reason why this award was chosen for a award based on lowest price is that the province of gelderland has not been able to establish distinctive award criteria that provide added value.
The European Commission, on 19 July, decided not to raise any objections to an aid project in the Dutch Province of Gelderland to explore new ways for protecting the environment and making public transport more efficient and more appealing to the public.