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GZGround Zero
GZGuangzhou (China)
GZGaliza (Spanish region)
GZGeschäftszeichen (German: Business Logo)
GZG-Zip (compressed archive; file extension)
GZGaza Strip
GZGreen Zone
GZGizeh (Egyptian automobile license plate)
GZGraf Zeppelin
GZGraetz Number
GZGeneration Z
GZGuantanamo to Panama Canal Zone (routing designation; US Navy)
GZGraphics Z-Buffer
GZVibrational Acceleration Along the Z-Axis
GZGroovyzone.org (web site/forum)
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This is true even more so for Generation Z, who not only need to see a potential to advance in order for a company to be attractive, they also need to believe in the work.
Clearly, millennials and Generation Z are must-win consumer segments, so CPG marketers must dial in now to earn a spot in the basket.
Of course, Generation Z consumers are younger than millennials, but these shoppers have also been affected by challenging economic conditions.
Research suggests Generation Z prefers in-person communication with managers and peers.
To counteract these statistics, employers need to ensure Generation Z employees are aware of their opportunities to progress.
Generation Z is already showing signs of being markedly different from the previous generation to enter the workforce.
Growing up with the Internet as an ever-present resource has made Generation Z naturally more collaborative and this means that concepts such as crowd-sourcing and open platform education are seen not as innovations, but as the obvious and most efficient way to solve problems.