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GENOGalactic Empire of the New Order (Star Wars)
GENOGlobal Entrepreneurs Network Organization (Denver, CO)
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The cuts with Geno on vocal and accordion just do not quite measure up to those where he plays the drums and lets his father step into the spotlight.
If Geno were alive today, he would be asking us to develop not only economic capital, but social capital -- values and virtues such as trustworthiness, respect, responsibility.
Geno Alissi - Senior Vice President & Principal Consultant
Founded in 2013 by 20-year hospitality and gaming veteran, Geno M.
The step up to six furlongs seemed to suit Geno and he should take all the beating.
The song is a tribute to soul singer Geno Washington, and performed in approximately the style of Geno Washington's Ram Jam Band.
Geno hot spring is the most famous spring in Hormozgan province that has been used for many years.
The gig comes just weeks after Geno played Saltburn's Spa Hotel.
Geno worked for many years at Kindred Healthcare in their Westborough, Lancaster and lastly the Concord Facilities, from where he retired as the Director of Maintenance in August 2010.
David Amis and Geno Davidson were among 16 people involved in the brawl in Churchill Street, Howdon, in April last year.
In the case of Mike Geno, a 41-year-old artist and food fanatic, it's instructive to rewind to a phase in his life when he couldn't stop cranking out paintings of steak.
The bank has named Geno Auriemma as a director of the company as well as of Berkshire Bank.