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GLOCGiga Lines of Code
GLOCGravity-Induced Loss of Consciousness (also seen as G-LOC)
GLOCGround Lines of Communication
GLOCGrupul de Lucru Al Organizatiilor Civice (Romanian: Civic Organizations Working Group)
GLOCGuardian Life of the Caribbean Limited
GLOCGeographic Location
GLOCGlasgow Light Opera Club (UK)
GLOCGet the Lead Out Coalition (Rhode Island)
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Date conferred: August 2009; Field of specialization: wood-based composites; Previous work experience: Research assistant in the Wood Science Department at UBC (2003-present); Type of work desired: seeking employment in research and development on wood-based composites; Geographic location preferred: Canada and United States; Available for employment: September 2009; Contact information: Tel: 604-222-5734; czhou@interchange.
Said Thomas: "Since the Internet has no borders, organizations are no longer limited by their geographic location.
To take advantage of our geographic location, we need to have bilingual people.
Once you've found the right pots and plants for your geographic location, you might think your project is complete.
Features include IP address, website(URL), email, ICQ, connections and more geographic location query.
dysenteriae was documented from various geographic locations.
geographic locations, weapons, vehicles, and any other pertinent information regarding violent crimes.
Forest and Wood Science/Forest Engineer; Date conferred: June 2005/May 2005; Field of specialization: Derived Timber Products; Previous work experience: 2 months employment experience with forest company in Lycksele, Sweden (summer 2001); 1 month practical experience at district forest office in Schlitz, Germany (summer 2003); 3 months research at the University of Alicante, Spain (summer 2004); Type of work desired: seeking employment in research, management, quality control, or production; Geographic location preferred: willing to relocate anywhere; Available for employment: July 2008; Tel: 0049-(0) 151-16555633; meuring@gwdg.
The FCC reasoned that because the VoIP provider had no means of directly or indirectly identifying the subscriber's geographic location, VoIP could not be separated into interstate and intrastate communications; thus, Minnesota's regulations would likely interfere with interstate communications.
After registering, or logging in for returning users, job seekers then create their resume by answering a series of questions such as their personal information (name, address, phone number), geographic location, job type they are seeking, full- or part-time, experience, education and other pertinent employment information.
Data from the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY) were analyzed to assess the viability of using the LSAY study data for national reporting of outcomes by geographic location and to identify variations in young Australians' education participation and outcomes by geographic region.
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