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GEONGeosciences Network
GEONGeographic Educators of Nebraska (Wayne, NE)
GEONGlobal, ETAC, OL-A Network
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The wood-lodge presented the horrible aspect of a dun- geon.
Hanna and Geon is complete, the new company will bring a broad suite of polymer services and products to Omnexus, including: polymer distribution; thermoplastic compounds; specialty resin and formulations; colorants and additives; and engineered films.
This is a major strategic step for Geon to strengthen its market position, broaden its product portfolio and expand its geographic reach.
In 1993, he became vice president, general counsel, and secretary of Geon after its initial public offering.
In order to improve both its manufacturing economics and customer service, Geon is trimming minor variants from its product line and replacing them with fewer but more versatile grades that can satisfy a broader spectrum of applications.
For the year ended 1999, Geon generated revenues of $1.
At the end of the second quarter, we cited business conditions negatively affecting both Geon and M.
compounds for Geon, becomes chief sourcing and logistics officer for
What we're doing with in-mold film lamination is trying to mimic the look of high-gloss, metallic-painted parts with a metallic-pigmented film," explains Geon senior research associate Bryan Kazmer.
We are pleased that Geon, Andersen Consulting and AMR Research are joining us to deliver this message.
For the last year, Quester has been director of manufacturing and operations/business development for Geon, with responsibility for creating business and growth strategies for the engineered films group.
A variety of efforts in process development, mold design and part prototyping aimed at structural blow molding and hot-runner injection molding of rigid PVC is under way at the new Application Engineering and Design Laboratory (AEDL) of the Geon Vinyl Div.