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GMGeneral Motors
GMGeneral Manager
GMGood Morning
GMGrand Master
GMGeometric Mean
GMGenetic Modification
GMGame Master
GMGeneral MIDI
GMGame Maker (software)
GMGenetically Modified
GMGold Medal
GMGeneral Mills
GMGrand Marquis (auto model)
GMGreen Machine (nickname for The Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps, Rosemont, IL)
GMGenetic Manipulation
GMGroup Manager
GMGross Margin
GMGeneral Merchandise
GMGreater Manchester (UK)
GMGray Matter
GMGrowth Medium
GMGeneral Market
GMGreat Move (online chess)
GMGospel Music
GMGoogle Mail
GMGood Match
GMGot Milk?
GMGas Mask
GMGroup Message
GMGuided Missile
GmGermanic (linguistics)
GMGeneral Music
GMGuild Master
GMGorillamask (website)
GMGoldmember (Austin Powers movie)
GMGrand Marnier (liqueur)
GMGoat's Milk
GMGame Moderator (online multiplayer games)
GMGlobal Motors
GMGreen Manure
GMGold Master (final/master copy of a software product release)
GMGrant Morrison (comic book writer)
GMGerman Measles
GMGirly Man
GMGold Medallion (Delta Sky Miles Program)
GMGeneral Major (German)
GMGarry's Mod (Half-Life2 modification)
GMGunner's Mate (US Navy and US Coast Guard rating)
GMGrand Marshall
GMGluteus Maximus
GMGun Mount
GMGeorge Medal
GMGrowth Monitoring
GMGravity Model
GMRepublic of Gambia
GMGeneral Mayhem (game)
GMGiant-Man (comic)
GMMetacentric Height
GMGoal Management
GMGlobal Memory
GMGingival Margin
GMGreen Mother (gaming)
GMGround Mobile
GMAir Senegal International (ICAO code)
GMGod Machine
GMGeneral Merit
GMGovernment Mule (band)
GMGlobally Minded (fair trade products)
GMGrateful Med
GMGuru Meditation (Amiga OS error)
GMGeneral Magistrate (Florida law)
GMGeodetic Mission
GMGround Mapping
GMSilty Gravels (soil type)
GMGroup Modem
GMGambler Master (USDAA dog agility title)
GMGrotesque Mask (Everquest gaming)
GMGroup Metric
GMGrand Multipara
GMGuard Mail
GMGloria Macarenko (CBC News Anchor)
GMGeospace Mission
GMGuidance Manager
GMGouvernements Marine (Dutch)
GMGrupos de Métodos (Spanish: group of methods)
GMGainesville Midland Railroad Company
GMGravity Field and Mass Determination Measurements (NASA)
GMGeneral Maintenance Aptitude Area
GMGenerator Matrix/Matrices
GMGodmodding (gaming)
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Did these clues to an earlier Germanic presence constitute an existential threat to the new nation-state?
Martin Friedrich's "Jesus Christ between Jews and Heathens: The Germanic Mission and the Portrayal of Christ in the Old Saxon Heliand," in addition to incidentally reviewing much Heliand scholarship, looks at the Germanicization of Christianity in the context of Judaism and how the Jesus story might have been perceived by the Saxons in their time of conversion.
Before embarking on an in-depth examination of the role of fate and doom in The Silmarillion and Germanic mythology, it is necessary to get an idea of the semantic field of these words, for they do not avail themselves of a singular, all-encompassing definition.
supervisor, Detlef Brandes, and the general tendency of German historiography on the "Russlanddeutschen," treats all Germanic colonists as a single, undifferentiated group.
derived from Frankish *ban, ultimately from Germanic *band(w)-, see Gothic bandwa 'sign').
Wiik proposes that the cause of the consonant shifts in Proto-Germanic described by Grimm's Law and Verner's Law was incomplete learning of Proto Germanic by shifting Finno-Ugric speakers (Wiik 1997a; 2002).
Ancient Privileges: 'Beowulf ', Law, and the Making of Germanic Antiquity.
In the pre-Christian era the oak was the sacred tree for the Germanic peoples but legend has it that the missionary to the Germans, St Boniface, in order to stop sacrifices at their sacred Donar Oak near Geismar, chopped the tree down.
The study is an empirical, text-based analysis of Latinate elements of the English lexicon, taken as representing a more formal, literate level of language use than words of its native Germanic stock, and hence as diagnostic of linguistic register across the variables of age and text type (narrative versus expository genres, spoken versus written discourse).
Shedding light on Kazal's title, Becoming Old Stock, Germans, in the period from the Civil War to the First World War, began to believe themselves as members of the Germanic race, a conceptual notion which "yielded, in essence, an invitation to enter American life as members of a larger, northwest European category.
There are elements of the beautiful traditional Germanic Christmas and contemporary American music.
Twenty years after the events in the Balkans, the Goths and Vandals and other Germanic peoples were again pressing to the west, again probably being propelled by pressures from migrating Huns in the east.