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GETOGovernment Employee Travel Opportunities (discount travel program; Resort Condominiums International)
GETOGroupe d'Étude des Tumeurs Osseuses
GETOGeneral Exchange Tariff Options
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Nutraceutical(s): GETO (a combination of ginseng, epimedium, thinleaf milk-wort root, and two other herbs)
Yakeishi on their own, arriving at the neighborhood of the Geto hot spa resort, their original destination in Kitakami in the prefecture, around 5:20 a.
At Team, these relics included Tetris, rappers Geto Boys, Doogie Howser, MD, and rave culture.
Gli ebrei saria ben mandarli a stare tuff al geto novo, e come un
Fujii T, Hayashi S, Hogg JC, Mukae H, Suwa T, Geto Y, et al.
Thus, as title cards expound the situation for Jews in 16th century Venice (unofficially tolerated as money lenders but forced to live in a Geto and wear identifying red hats in public), there's now an introductory scene on the Rialto as we see a priest railing against usurers and Antonio (Jeremy Irons) spitting (merely referenced in the text) on Shylock (Al Pacino) as he passes.
It is therefore tempting to analyze the Greek perfect as a resultative, as Geto and von Stechow do.
RCI and GETO provide our customers with vacation condominium opportunities.
Geto del rame del nostro Comun: "Public Copper Foundry.
Bushwick Bill of the Geto Boys defended his use of bitches and hos by explaining that he was brought up to think of women in those terms.
The tracks that grace these packages have been sampled by artists including 2Pac, Ice Cube, Ice-T, Method Man, Redman, The Geto Boys, The Beastie Boys and, countless other rap artists, and R&B artists like Janet Jackson and Barry White.