GFMGoblins from Mars (music)
GFMGithub Flavored Markdown (computing)
GFMGrown Folks Music
GFMGo Fund Me (website)
GFMGameface Messenger
GFMGnu Filesystem Manager
GFMGraphic File Manager
GFMGovernment-Furnished Material
GFMGlobal Force Management
GFMGartmore Fund Managers Limited
GFMGlobal Freight Management
GFMGlass Flow Meter (glass production)
GFMGruyere Fribourg Morat (Swiss / Fribourg Railways-Bus Organisation)
GFMGesellschaft Für Musikforschung
GFMGood Friday Morning
GFMGlobal Financial Market
GFMGram Formula Mass
GFMGermiston Fresh Meat (South Africa)
GFMGroup Fitness Management (health)
GFMGranular Flow Module
GFMGreen's Function Method
GFMGran Familia Mexicana (Spanish: Great Mexican Family; street gang; New York)
GFMGaming FM (online radio station)
GFMGod Forgive Me
GFMGlobal Fault Manager
GFMGlobal Fault Management
GFMGround Fault Monitoring (electrical)
GFMGarford Farm Machinery (UK)
GFMGeneral Field Marshal
GFMGeneric Financial Model
GFMGeneral Farm Maintenance
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As part of the program, GFM will research and identify company news and industry trends as the foundation of its strategic communications program.
Ridley said that about $20,000 in aid was taken to Gaza with a delegation of around 80 people who went to Gaza following an agreement reached between First Lady Suzanne Mubarak and some members of the GFM.
The Norwegian ferro silicon and silicon metal producer Fesil ASA said on Friday (1 April) that it had acquired a further 24% of the German company Gfm FESIL.
Although the GFM is a furnace-specific model, two main models of the GFM--the combustion space model and the reacting flow model--can be readily used to develop CFD models of other industrial processes, such as a fluid catalytic cracker, an aluminum furnace, a crude oil fired heater, and solid transport to a blast furnace.
For applications like RTM that involve multiple stages of trimming and machining, GFM would typically supply several CNC machines for different stages of the process as it goes from preform trimming to final machining.
The individuals who went are mostly Palestinians who have family in Gaza," Lunat said, adding that GFM's official position is that it has rejected Mubarak's offer, insisting that all of the roughly 1,300 GFM foreign activists still in Cairo be permitted to travel into Gaza.
We are very excited about our partnership with 34 Degrees -- and not just because their products are delicious," said Ramonna Robinson, vice president and managing partner of GFM.
Contract notice: GFM - Field Marshal Rommel barracks / newly built accommodation area i - PzGrenBtl 212 - 3 ba building 103 and 104: pvc window / procurement - nr .
It should have ended a long time ago," Hedy Epstein, a GFM delegate and Holocaust survivor in her 80s who was one of a group of activists who started a hunger strike on Monday, vowing to continue until the Egyptian government relents.
The enhanced model GFM is a low cost self-contained Thermal Mass Flowmeter, designed to accurately measure the flowrates of gases.
After that sale, Lawton licensed CompForm's process technology to American GFM of Chesapeake, Va.
The rating upgrades for GFM and Ferromex follow the upgrade of Grupo Mexico's long-term IDR on Dec.