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It has been overseen by David Kinnaird, writer and performer of Stirling GhostWalk and artistic director of the Stirling Old Town Jail.
MrCowan added:"This is fantastic news and exactly what I had hoped for when I set up the ghostwalk.
At night there is a ghostwalk with guests carrying candle lanterns; by day, walks incorporate historic sites and a cemetery.
In Search of the Missing Eyelash by Karen McLeod; Mosquito by Roma Tearne; and Ghostwalk by Rebecca Stott complete the shortlist, according to Publishing News.
Upon arrival, passengers will be led by a guide through the one-hour GhostWalk tour, being held this year in and around the Railroad Plaza.
Celebrating its 10th year of hosting GhostWalk, the Santa Paula Theater Center will have actors portraying demised former citizens, relating the tales of their death to the touring audience.
The Ludlow Historic Ghostwalk presents a tour featuring historic and disgusting gourmet habits.
Tom Slemen's Haunted Liverpool 18 and Liverpool Ghostwalk 1 are out now for the Kindle and iPad.
GHOSTWALK, Rebecca Stott's first novel, begins in dramatic fashion with the death of a Cambridge historian, Elizabeth Vogelsang, in 2003.
Part history book, part detective novel, part supernatural thriller, part love story, Ghostwalk is a daring mixture of genres and styles based around real figures and real events.
The pages she includes in Ghostwalk from Elizabeth Vogelsang's fictional manuscript on Newton, replete with footnotes and illustrations, are utterly convincing.
Stott keeps the gothic tones high, while not neglecting the mystery elements or the contemporary story that pulls Ghostwalk together.