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GINACGinac Is Not A Cas
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As Vice President of Development, Ginac, who was formerly Executive Vice President of Products and Services at Scalable Software, LLC, will lead all of CompassLearning's product development efforts.
Unlike other solutions in the market, Scalable seamlessly integrates all phases of the IT asset discovery, usage, configuration, and compliance cycle," according to Frank Ginac, Vice President of Engineering and Services at Scalable Software.
today announced that Frank Ginac has joined BroadJump as vice president of product development.
Ginac honed his engineering expertise and management skills at Dazel, as well as companies like BMC Software, Digital, OSF, Convex and Data General.
Broadband access is one of the great market opportunities of the new millennium," said Ginac.
We are dedicated to helping organizations implement programs for their diversity and minority talent pools to ensure that the appropriate training, resources, and tools are in place for professionals to reach their career goals," said Linda Ginac, CEO of TalentGuard.
This launch promotion and subscription pricing is incredible value for people seeking to learn how to become an effective career coach or improve their existing skill set," said Linda Ginac, CEO of TalentGuard.
This funding is a great vote of confidence in TalentGuard's mission to help organizations reduce expenses and increase operational efficiencies through our talent management solutions," said Linda Ginac CEO of TalentGuard.