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GIAPGIG (Global Information Grid) Interconnection Approval Process
GIAPGalactose-Inhibitable Adherence Protein
GIAPGIG Information Assurance Portfolio (management)
GIAPGeriatric Institutional Assessment Profile (survey)
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Giap planned a feint attack in hopes of further overextending American assets.
54) Schroder was soon to work with the government broadcast 'The Voice of Vietnam' as announcer and commentator in French, (55) while Frey, on behalf of general Giap, prepared military studies and carried out the first military training courses of the People's Army.
At Castello di Rivoli, on the other hand, curator Ida Gianelli dedicated one room exclusively to Merz's igloos, showing the historic Giap Igloo and Objet cache-toil, 1968, as well as later examples such as Chiaro oscuro (Light and Dark), 1983.
The economists, Chen Kang and Tan Khee Giap, replied with a written statement saying they based their study on publicly available figures from the ministry's website, the paper said.
But now, my French friend told me, the military was in control and General Giap had his own agenda: "Once these little Prussians deal with the Yanks they have a few matters to settle with those princelings in Laos and Cambodia.
Afghanistan was not a guerrilla war ala Mao Tse Tung or Vo Nguyen Giap.
Vo Nguyen Giap has called on the country's military to stand ready against "every scheme or act of sabotage" by forces hostile to Vietnam now the country faces "a new world context.
General Giap and others used this myth of "revolutionary virtue" to justify sacrifice and sustain a protracted and unequal struggle.
1) The story goes that when Vo Nguyen Giap was asked why he did not have his own collection of "selected military writings, he responded that it was not necessary since the Chinese had already written it.
Au cours de l'audience, le vice-ministre de la Defense nationale a fait un compte rendu au president de la Republique sur les activites de la delegation politique et militaire algerienne, chargee par le chef de l'Etat d'assister aux obseques du general Giap qui se sont deroulees samedi dernier a Hanoi (Vietnam).
FUNERAL FOR VIETNAM'S HERO: Vietnam's top leaders gathered early Saturday to pay their last respects to independence hero General Vo Nguyen Giap, who died last week at 102, as his state funeral began in Hanoi.
Ramzy BaroudThe quote "Nothing is more precious than freedom," is being attributed to Vo Nguyen Giap, a Vietnamese general who led his country through two liberation wars.