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GILDASGrenoble Image and Line Data Analysis Software (aka Grenoble Image and Line Data Analysis System)
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Gildas de Ruys, at that time, and when he heard of her homeless condition a sentiment of pity was aroused in his breast (it is a wonder the unfamiliar emotion did not blow his head off,) and he placed her and her troop in the little oratory of the Paraclete, a religious establishment which he had founded.
The only contemporary writer of the least importance is the Briton (priest or monk), Gildas, who in a violent Latin pamphlet of about the year 550 ('The Destruction and Conquest of Britain') denounces his countrymen for their sins and urges them to unite against the Saxons; and Gildas gives only the slightest sketch of what had actually happened.
Next in order after Gildas, but not until about the year 800, appears a strangely jumbled document, last edited by a certain Nennius, and entitled
In dealing with Arthur, Geoffrey greatly enlarges on Gildas and Nennius; in part, no doubt, from his own invention, in part, perhaps, from Welsh tradition.
Thus Camden uses first Caesar, then Gildas, to conclude that no authentic trace of ancient British life, to which the Britons themselves bear witness, may be thought to exist; the conclusion is, time has won, and continuity with the past may not be assumed.
Total quantity or scope: Transport beneficiaries vacation trips 2015 from 7 regions (North, East, Central East, Central, South East, South West, West) to the resorts of Saint Gildas Rhuys, Blainville sur Mer, Sainte Maxime, Bandol, Saint Sauvant Soultzeren and Auvergne.
During her cancer treatment, Gilda became part of a cancer support community and she wished that everyone dealing with cancer would be able to receive the kind of support she found there.
Founded by Joanna Bull, Gilda Radner's psychotherapist during her illness, Gilda's Club is the remarkable culmination of philosophy and inspiration built on Gilda's heartfelt wish that no one should face cancer alone.
When Gilda Radner underwent treatment for the disease, she joined a support community and discovered true camaraderie.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- Gilda's Club, the international network of not-for-profit cancer support communities named for comedian Gilda Radner, will celebrate its 10-year anniversary on Thursday, September 15 at 11:30 am with the unveiling of Gilda Radner Way outside its flagship location in New York City.
Gilda's Club New York City, named after comedienne Gilda Radner, is a free cancer support center where men, women and children and their families and friends join others to build social and emotional support as an essential supplement to medical care.