GIVGruppo Italiano Vini (Italian: Italian Wine Group; Verona, Italy)
GIVGasherbrum IV (26,000 ft. mountain near Pakistan-China)
GIVGems International Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Vietnam)
GIVGruppe for Inkluderende Velferd (Norwegian: Group for Inclusive Welfare; University of Oslo)
GIVGender Identity Variant (sexuality)
GIVGrow Iowa Values Fund (Iowa Department of Economic Development)
GIVGeological Information Visualization
GIVGlutamine-Independent Variant
References in classic literature ?
I see he had a still on an' I didn' wanna giv 'im no stuff, so I says: 'Git deh hell outa here an' don' make no trouble,' I says like dat
Snagsby," says Jo, "out of a sov-ring as wos give me by a lady in a wale as sed she wos a servant and as come to my crossin one night and asked to be showd this 'ere ouse and the ouse wot him as you giv the writin to died at, and the berrin-ground wot he's berrid in.
In this study, retesting the 500 samples by a more sensitive and specific real-time RTPCR confirmed the previously detected presence of the GII norovirus in 1 sample but also identified additional samples positive for GI, GII, and GIV noroviruses.
GIV Mobile's no-contract plans offer consumers high quality wireless coverage that give eight percent of each customer's monthly amount to charities such as Scholarship America, The Humane Society of the United States and Alzheimer's Association.
Os resultados revelaram que quanto a escrita de letras do alfabeto (ELA), os escolares do GIII e GIV apresentaram desempenho superior quando comparados ao GI; no ditado randomizado de letras do alfabeto (DRLA), os escolares do GIII apresentaram desempenho superior aos GI e GII.
1: wiv a zinc 2: wiv ure elbow 3:bootin it thru 4: wiv a baseball bat 5: makin sum useless *** do it 4 u nd den giv dem no cut of da money.
CHORUS: Keep yor feet still Geordie hinney - let's be happy throo the neet, for we may not be sae happy throo the day, Noo giv us that bit comfort - keep yor feet still Geordie lad, and divvent drive me bonnie dreams away.
Or anybody who may have Jesse's body would giv Jesse's wife and children closure and would giv them the chance to say goodbye.
A NEW food labelling system is needed to giv consumers a wide range of information on products, including their impact on the environment and health, food policy expert Tim Lang said today.
Under the agreement signed today by both companies, Brown-Forman has sold its main Bolla wine production facility in Pedemonte, Italy to GIV and GIV will in turn produce Bolla Italian Wines for Brown-Forman.