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This paper considers conscientization in the context of Adaptive Leadership, the Four Frames Approach, Giving Voice to Values Curriculum, and the Competing Values Framework.
Giving Voice to Values (GVV) curriculum asks participants to respond to ethical questions, and then script what they will say in an ethically problematic situation.
These four arguments are part of an ethics education tool known as Giving Voice to Values (GW).
Creator/Director, Giving Voice to Values, and Professor of Practice, University of Virginia Darden School of Business
3 Using Giving Voice to Values to Improve Academic Integrity
The Giving Voice to Values ethics pedagogy informs the scale and helps arm students with reasons to dispel common rationales for making poor ethical choices.
The originally intended audience for Giving Voice to Values was management educators and business students, and its purpose was to transform management education's approach to values-driven leadership development.
When Giving Voice to Values came to the attention of the ethics organization, it was seen as the next step in "raising the bar" for the Lockheed Martin ethics program.
Mary Gentile, Director of the Giving Voice to Values curriculum at Babson College, USA; Rebecca Darr, Senior Fellow from the Aspen Institute, USA; Prof.
Giving Voice to Values is a classic example of a writer working to her strengths.
Gentile set out to tackle the "ethics in business" conundrum in Giving Voice to Values.
The materials are created in the framework of the ethics pedagogy, Giving Voice to Values (GVV) (Gentile, 2010).