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GLAMGlamorgan (Welsh County)
GLAMGeneric Legal Advice Memorandum (IRS)
GLAMGalleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (Australian Society of Archvisits)
GLAMGod's Love And Mercy
GLAMGrinning Like A Maniac
GLAMGay LA Metal
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has launched Glam Camp, a national promotion targeting female teens.
Glam Media has continued to expand its client base in the automotive vertical and the new office provides local support for these clients and their agencies, as well as a regional location for Glam Media's editorial staff and community teams to leverage when in the market.
The Gear and Glam fashion show was helmed by foremost Cebu designer Philip Rodriguez, whose notable recent work was his fashion show for the Apec ministers who visited Cebu last year.
The Glam Flash Mob performs a song from Frozen at St David's Hall, Cardiff
Rex released 'Ride a White Swan' that the seeds of Glam Rock were planted.
The idea of VIVA GLAM was to celebrate life and the outspoken attitude of the company," the official website states.
Check out Noelle promoting Pajama Glam on Fox 5 with Shawn Yancy (http://www.
Staff at Glam were told last Friday that the nightclub was closing, as we reported.
For more information on GLAM TRaC call Clr Salveson on 07795 008 691.
Silicon Valley-based Ning will continue to operate its subscription services for Ning Creators as a new business unit within Glam Media.
Ning will operate as a new business unit within Glam Media.
Furthermore, Glam Media said, together with the takeover, it is launching GlamAdapt for Publishers, a publisher-side platform for packaging digital advertising solutions.