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GLINDAGlobal Infrastructure and Development Acquisition (US NRC)
GLINDAGreat Lakes Information Network Data Access
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I have heard that Glinda is a beautiful woman, who knows how to keep young in spite of the many years she has lived.
It seems, in spite of dangers, that the best thing Dorothy can do is to travel to the Land of the South and ask Glinda to help her.
For Glinda has a big book in which is recorded every event that takes place anywhere in the world, just the moment that it happens, and so of course the book would tell her about the wireless message.
In the South Country rules a very delightful Queen called Glinda the Good, who I am sure will gladly receive us," said the Scarecrow, getting into the Thing clumsily.
I know Glinda the Good, and believe she will prove a friend indeed.
How are we to know when we come to the pallace of Glinda the Good?
Odd looking animals were also moving about upon the open plains, and the country was unfamiliar to both the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow, who had formerly visited Glinda the Good's domain and knew it well.
This was the important Sorceress known as Glinda the Good, who had been of great assistance to both Ozma and Dorothy.
I used to live near the castle of a great Sorceress named Glinda the Good, and she saw my dolls and said they were very pretty.
But they were so thin that I found that any breeze would blow them over and scatter them dreadfully; so Glinda found this lonely place for me, where few people ever come.
And Dorothy looked wonderingly at this lively appearing person, who had once assembled an army of women and driven the Scarecrow from the throne of the Emerald City, and even fought a battle with the powerful army of Glinda the Sorceress.
It was the theme of friendship - and the trials and tribulations of it - I found most poignant throughout the show as we learned about the background of Glinda (Helen Woolf) and the unfortunate Elphaba (Amy Webb) during the first act, and saw their friendship grow.