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GAFGlobal Assessment of Functioning
GAFGeographic Adjustment Factor (Medicare; US DHHS)
GAFGeneric Adaptation Framework
GAFGeneric Application Frames
GAFGeneric Architecture Framework
GAFGeneric Agreement Framework
GAFGerman-American Festival (Ohio)
GAFGerman Air Force
GAFGhana Armed Forces
GAFGarfield and Friends (cartoon)
GAFGeneral Application Form (various organizations)
GAFGet A Freelancer (freelance services website)
GAFGeneral Aniline & Film
GAFGrowth Area Funding (UK)
GAFGold Afternoon Fix (Church band album)
GAFGaming Age Forum
GAFGender AIDS Forum (South Africa)
GAFGhana Air Force
GAFGlobal AIDS Fund
GAFGrant Approval Form (various organizations)
GAFGround Augmentation Fill (soil)
GAFGreyladyes Arts Foundation (UK)
GAFGolf Association of Florida
GAFGive A Fig
GAFGuinean Armed Forces
GAFGive A Flip (polite form)
GAFGround Alert Facility
GAFGlobal Address Finder
GAFGround Assault Force
GAFGeneral Access Facility
GAFGroup Audit Form
GAFGeneral Merchandise, Apparel and Home Furnishing (retail sales)
GAFGabonese Armed Forces
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CGIS: Clinical Global Impression Scale; GAF: Global Assessment of Functioning Table 2.
01, Pearson product moment (r) Table 9: Correlations of Global Assessment of functioning with Quality of life in Patients with Bipolar and Unipolar Depression Variable Physical Psychological Social Health Health Relationship GAF (Bipolar .
Table 3 Mean difference between Male and Female patients on Questionnaire of Personal Changes and Global Assessment of Functioning (N = 60)
After recording demographic data, patients underwent psychometric evaluation seven years after the diagnosis in 2007 and 2008 respectively for assessment of their psychological, social and occupational functioning using Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) Scale (DSM - IV Axis V).
With regard to functional outcome, both global assessment of functioning and ADL scores differed between African American and white participants at baseline, with African American participants demonstrating significantly greater functioning and daily living skills than white participants (see Table 2).
Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) ratings: Determinants and role as predictors of one-year treatment outcomes.
Despite the fact that the Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) is one of the most widely used instruments within psychiatry, there have been surprisingly few studies with the explicit aim of investigating gender differences.
The treatment-effect sizes documented on measures including the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression, the Global Assessment of Functioning, and the Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale were in the 0.
Global Assessment of Functioning measures patients overall level of psychological, social, and occupational functioning on a hypothetical continuum of mental health-illness.
The mean Global Assessment of Functioning score for the men in the ADHD group was also significantly lower than that of the control group.
Each client was then rated by a MHC using the Global Assessment of Functioning scale (APA) and Functional Assessment Rating Scale (FARS; Ward & Dow, 1994).
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