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GCRGlobal Competition Review (website)
GCRGlobal Currency Reset
GCRGlobal Clinic Rating (healthcare clinic standard)
GCRGeological Conservation Review (UK)
GCRGreat Central Railway (UK)
GCRGlucocorticoid Receptor (molecular biology)
GCRGlobal Control Register
GCRGray Component Replacement
GCRGalactic Cosmic Rays
GCRGlobal Competitiveness Report
GCRGlobal Corruption Report
GCRGray Component Replacement (printing inks)
GCRGas Cost Recovery
GCRGeneral Cargo Rates (shipping)
GCRGMAN Car Reviews
GCRGraduate Common Room (Christ Church; UK)
GCRGeneral Competition Rules
GCRGas-Cooled Reactor
GCRGrand Canyon Railway
GCRGeometric Constraints and Reasoning (various schools)
GCRGroup Code Recording
GCRGroup Coded Recording
GCRGroupement des Concessionnaires Renault (French: Renault Dealers Grouping)
GCRGrand Calumet River
GCRGulf Coast Region
GCRGreater China Region
GCRGeneral Conformity Rule
GCRGeneral Counsel Roundtable (Corporate Executive Board)
GCRGood Conduct Ribbon (military award)
GCRGrand Circuit du Roussillon (French: Grand Tour of Roussillon; Roussillon, France)
GCRGeneral College Requirements (various locations)
GCRGas Cost Rate
GCRGraduate Council Representative (various schools)
GCRGeneralized Conjugate Residual
GCRGulf Coast Repository
GCRGroup Call Register
GCRGérald Construction Rénovation (French: Gerald Building Construction)
GCRGhost Cancelling Reference
GCRGestion Comptabilité Révision (French: Accounting Management Review)
GCRGibbons Creek Reservoir (College Station, TX)
GCRGruson Construction Rénovation (French: Gruson Building Construction)
GCRGeneralized Cambridge Ring (semiconductors)
GCRGalactic Cosmic Ray/Radiation
GCRGround Controlled Radar
GCRGood Charamel Records (record label)
GCRGreat Canadian Rebates (Canada)
GCRGeological Characterization Report
GCRGround Cover Ratio (photovoltaic system)
GCRGlobal Confidence Region
GCRGravity Condensate Return
GCRGlobal Call Register
GCRGregory C. Rigamer & Associates, Inc (New Orleans, LA)
GCRGodvicienne Carreleurs Réunis (French flooring company)
GCRGuaranteed Capacity Rate (air cargo industry)
GCRGateway for Cancer Research (Illinois)
GCRGreedy Column Re-Routing
GCRGripo Colaboradores de Revisión (Spanish)
GCRGuitar Center Radio
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In the Global Corruption Report, Neill Stansbury lists 13 reasons for corruption in construction industry.
Transparency International, Global Corruption Report, Berlin: Transparency International, 2006.
The Executive Summary of TI's Global Corruption Report 2009 provides recommendations "to ensure that corruption in the business sector is tackled effectively:
Transparency International (2007): "Indolence in India's Judiciary", Berlin, Global Corruption Report, p 215.
The Global Corruption Report 2008 released by Transparency International a global coalition against corruption -- gives Afghanistan just 1.
According to the Global Corruption Report 2006, hundreds of billions of dollars are lost to the world's health providers through corruption each year.
Nussbaum: We focused this year's Global Corruption Report on the healthcare sector because we felt that corruption in healthcare has not received the attention it deserves.
That is why the special focus of the Global Corruption Report 2005 is on corruption in construction and post-conflict reconstruction and it shows that corruption in the construction industry has the power to shape and devastate economies.
The Global Corruption Report published by Transparency International looked at the three main tribunals investigating sleeze in politics here.
Transparency International's annual Global Corruption Report calls for increased accountability and for open and competitive bidding for rebuilding contracts to ensure money is not lost to criminals.
Singapore can be trusted with valuable intellectual property, the IDA assures, pointing out that in 2004 Singapore was ranked first in Asia for Intellectual Property Rights Protection by PERC (Political and Risk Consultancy), and in 2003, by the Global Corruption Report.
Transparency International published its first Global Corruption Report in 2001.
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