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glulamGlued laminated timber
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Ovendry mass Coproducts (metric tonnes/y) Repartition (%) Lumber 103,365 25 Chips 188,161 46 Shavings 53,859 13 Bark 52,030 13 Glulam 7,945 2 Total 405,359 Table 2.
The glulam roofstructure is exposed throughout the buildings, and became a part of their architecture.
The higher tensile and bending properties of LBL present an opportunity for them to be used as tension and compression laminates in a glulam beam.
Use of glulam timbers on the project took advantage of current technology and reduced the number of critical splices in the bottom chord.
However, it's our intention to continue manufacturing glulam -- the product line on which my father founded the company more than six decades ago -- without interruption.
Market development depends on product types, including OSB, glulam, and laminated veneer lumber (LVL), which account for approximately 60 percent of the total EW market.
Carpentry: 1 000 m 2 roof elements cross laminated timber, 260 m 2 wall elements cross laminated timber, 40 m 3 glulam construction, 12 m 3 roof construction, 600 m 3 wooden facade.
The 41-year-old theater, one of three performing venues at the state's largest arts organization, was shut down by city engineers on June 18 after inspectors discovered that a loud crack heard during an understudy rehearsal of "Measure for Measure" the afternoon before was actually the sound of a 70-foot-long glulam wood beam splitting along its length.
7-m-long prestressed glulam beams, 15 GFRP-reinforced glulam beams and 15 unreinforced glulam control beams with nominally identical layups and 6.
Wall and ceiling structures are made of glulam in the form of pillars and stiffening boards.
and Canada market segment demand and production for softwood plywood, oriented strand board, glulam timber, wood I-joists, and laminated veneer lumber.
The 600-seat Bowmer was closed Saturday morning after engineers discovered that a cracking noise heard during the previous evening's performance of "Measure for Measure" came from the sudden failure of a 70-foot wooden glulam beam that is one of the building's main supports.