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HbA1cGlycated Haemoglobin
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Random plasma glucose showed strong positive correlation with glycated haemoglobin (p=0.
Comparison of tests for glycated haemoglobin and fasting and two hour plasma glucose concentrations as diagnostic methods for diabetes.
Association between glycated haemoglobin and the risk of lower extremity amputation in patients with diabetes mellitus-review and meta-analysis.
Correlation between glycated haemoglobin and random plasma glucose levels for the screening of diabetes mellitus.
Male, right handed patients with established type 2 diabetes of 5 to 10 years duration and those who were on treatment were tested for glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) levels.
Effects of Haemoglobin C and S traits on the results of 14 commercial glycated Haemoglobin assays.
Tamoaki et al also investigated whether predialysis glycemic control affects the mortality of diabetic patients with ESRD who start hemodialysis treatment and found that better glycemic control is associated with longer survival [21] and some study suggest that lower glycated haemoglobin levels has beneficial effects on the prognosis of patients who have diabetes with CKD and undergo regular hemodialysis.
7,8 The tests most widely used in monitoring the glycaemic status are blood glucose and glycated haemoglobin.
measuring glycated haemoglobin in diabetes management;
Unexplained variability of glycated haemoglobin in nondiabetic subjects not related to glycaemia.
Demand remains strong for a cost-effective and easy-to-use glycated haemoglobin testing product for diabetes, given over 17 million Americans are directly affected,' he said
My doctor arranged a glycated haemoglobin test and it came back high, so he increased my medication to lower it.