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GNOMESGay Naturist Orlando Males Evolving Socially (Orlando, FL)
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Now the Prince of the Golden Isle was enchanted with this conversation, for the Princess Argentine was his sister, and he hoped, by means of her influence over the Prince of the Gnomes, to obtain from his brother the release of Rosalie.
They turned out to be the Prince Gnome and his friend, and the sudden desire to get some news of his sister, Princess Argentine, caused the Invisible Prince to follow them and to listen to their conversation.
Do you think,' the Prince Gnome was saying, 'do you think that I would not break my chains if I could?
It may be imagined that after listening to these words the Invisible Prince followed Prince Gnome like his shadow, and after walking some time they arrived at the Golden Fountain.
The angels that inhabit this temple of the body appear at the windows, and the gnomes and vices also.
persisted Topsy, with another grin, that looked so goblin-like, that, if Miss Ophelia had been at all nervous, she might have fancied that she had got hold of some sooty gnome from the land of Diablerie; but Miss Ophelia was not nervous, but plain and business-like, and she said, with some sternness,
And, Miss Eyre, so much was I flattered by this preference of the Gallic sylph for her British gnome, that I installed her in an hotel; gave her a complete establishment of servants, a carriage, cashmeres, diamonds, dentelles, &c.
Hitherto he had been treated very much as if he had been a useful gnome or brownie-- a queer and unaccountable creature, who must necessarily be looked at with wondering curiosity and repulsion, and with whom one would be glad to make all greetings and bargains as brief as possible, but who must be dealt with in a propitiatory way, and occasionally have a present of pork or garden stuff to carry home with him, seeing that without him there was no getting the yarn woven.
The candle wick burned long, and was topped by a little cap of fiery red that seemed to wink at us like an impish gnome.
For safety reasons (we understand large gatherings of gnomes can be dangerous) the number of gnomes on Park at any one time will be strictly limited.
McGregor and Winslet are due to voice the lead characters, and Hahn says the computer-animated fantasy is funny "because gnomes are so low-tech".
We can't believe how well gnomes are selling after all these years, but we think it's because they were featured in the movie 'Nutty Professor II: The Klumps' and also in several TV commercials, including the one about Geico insurance,'' says Richard Kitagawa, owner of City Green at Westfield Shoppingtown Promenade in Woodland Hills.