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GNUPGGNU Privacy Guard
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0 runs on all Microsoft-operating systems as of Windows XP (Service-Pack 3) and requires Outlook 2010 as well as the free software GnuPG (version 1.
With this project, the encryption product GnuPG and Gpg4win to be updated and developed so that it not only can continue to be used successfully, but can also be used in other applications.
For example, the well-known PGP family of products: PGP, OpenPGP, GnuPG, etc.
MegaCryption is a comprehensive enterprise [zOS, Unix, Linux, Windows] data encryption software solution which is designed to secure sensitive data within your company including support for OpenPGP, GnuPG, OpenSSL and X.
There is also another OpenPGP implementation called GnuPG, and SSH can use keys generated with GnuPG as well.
Enigmail and GnuPG have released new versions of their software to address this vulnerability.
It has revealed that it will offer an extension End-to-End for Chrome, which will make it simpler for users to utilize end-to-end encryption without having to use tools like PGP or GnuPG.