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GNUPGGNU Privacy Guard
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38) FSF, The GNU Privacy Guard (1 March 2004) GNUPG <http://www.
Based on the free cryptography system GnuPG the new and improved version 2.
These are primarily the result of the operating system and software innovations as well as the use of the latest technologies, such as 64-bit kernels, modules, drivers and 3rd Party Tools (Java VM, Postfix, Postgres, Tomcat, OpenSSL and GnuPG etc.
To achieve this objective, the contractor advancements and adjustments to the Mail User Agents Thunderbird and KMail, as well as the underlying encryption software make GnuPG.
MegaCryption is a comprehensive enterprise [zOS, Unix, Linux, Windows] data encryption software solution which is designed to secure sensitive data within your company including support for OpenPGP, GnuPG, OpenSSL and X.
Enigmail and GnuPG have released new versions of their software to address this vulnerability.
With this project, the encryption product GnuPG and Gpg4win to be updated and developed so that it not only can continue to be used successfully, but can also be used in other applications.