GNVGrandi Navi Veloci (Italian: Large Fast Ships; Italian cruise ship line)
GNVGas Natural Veicular (Portuguese: Liquefied Natural Gas - Vehicular)
GNVGainesville, FL, USA - Jr Alison Municipal (Airport Code)
GNVGraphical Network Viewer (software; Enterprise Upstream; P2 Energy Solutions)
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A utilizacao do GNV decorre simultaneamente da disponibilidade do gas natural, da existencia de postos de abastecimento e de veiculos adaptados ao seu uso.
No primeiro fator, como os locais da possivel instalacao das subestacoes de GNV estao proximos as cidades, a hipotese e de que a rota do gasoduto deva ser a menor possivel.
Previously, we did not detect the iridovirus-like the causal agent of GNV, using transmission electron microscopy (TEM), possibly because the sample process, the status of the gill tissues of surviving oysters (wound repair), and or difficulties in finding the viral agent in fixed tissues (Caceres-Martinez & Vasquez-Yeomans 2003).
this consultation is to supply gas gnv type (natural gas for vehicles) made website for food delivery points listed in ccp and additional services defined therein.
The main segment vehicles B1 petrol engine / gnv incorporated into this tender are:
Contract notice: Providing sedans and derivatives "cars" segment b1, bi petrol / gnv on behalf of the group of commands consists of nantes metropole, the city of nantes and the community centre for social action nantes.
Together they join Robin Hall, also from GNV, who has led SSG's broadcast and PEG access initiative since late last year.
Contract notice: Installing a retrofit system including injection, ignition and engine control bus heuliez gx317 gnv.
4i GNV II-32 Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research Centre Unveils New Eight Natural Gas Vehicles II-32 Honda Motor Launches Natural Gas Vehicle II-33 TeleflexGFI Introduces New Natural Gas Powered Passenger Van II-33