GNVGeneva Bible 1599 (edition)
GNVGrandi Navi Veloci (Italian: Large Fast Ships; Italian cruise ship line)
GNVGaz Naturel Pour Vehicule
GNVGas Natural Veicular (Portuguese: Liquefied Natural Gas - Vehicular)
GNVGainesville, FL, USA - Jr Alison Municipal (Airport Code)
GNVGraphical Network Viewer (software; Enterprise Upstream; P2 Energy Solutions)
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The sizing of the ngv distribution facilities must allow the simultaneous filling of 2 vehicles and meet the following needs: - maximum duration of a full tank filling of a gnv pl 26 t: 15 minutes, - the station will have to be able to refuel on average and per day, 70 to 150 vehicles (vul and pl) for a capacity of distribution of the order of 5,000 kgs of gnv distributed / day.
However, it is not possible to say that the verbal behavior was required for coordination since three participants from the GNV group coordinated their choices in a way that produced positive cultural consequences before communication was allowed.
A utilizacao do GNV decorre simultaneamente da disponibilidade do gas natural, da existencia de postos de abastecimento e de veiculos adaptados ao seu uso.
Previously, we did not detect the iridovirus-like the causal agent of GNV, using transmission electron microscopy (TEM), possibly because the sample process, the status of the gill tissues of surviving oysters (wound repair), and or difficulties in finding the viral agent in fixed tissues (Caceres-Martinez & Vasquez-Yeomans 2003).
Among these are: Dame Rebecca West, "the Queen of English letters", Mr Stephen Grahame, Robert Laffan, Harold Temperley, Madame Eladine Lawson-Mijatowich, Dr Harold Buxton, Anglican Bishop of Gibraltar, Professors GNV Locke and E D Goy, who recently wrote in the South Slav Journal that: "These Kosovo ballads are among the best achievements of human endeavour in the world, not excepting Homer.
Foi calculado o valor da flexibilidade obtida pela conversao, considerando incertezas quanto a evolucao dos precos dos combustiveis e a escassez do GNV devido a pouca capilaridade de postos com oferta deste combustivel.
Arlappa N, Balakrishna N, Laxmaiah A and GNV Brahmam Prevalence of anaemia among rural preschool children of West Bengal, India.
Contract notice: project management assistance for the implementation of a global public performance contract for the adaptation of the operating centers and the supply of gnv / biogas for the needs of the bus network of angers loire mtropole.