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GOFGang of Four (short-time Communist China's leader after the death of Mao)
GoFHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (book by J. K. Rowling)
GOFGuest Observer Facility
GOFGroup of Friends
GOFGlass Optical Fiber
GOFGlobal Opportunities Fund (UK)
GOFGun Owners Foundation
GoFGroup of Frames
GOFGreat Outdoor Fight (Chris Onstad book)
GOFGermany or Florida (game)
GOFGrease, Oil & Filter (automobile mechanic's shorthand)
GOFgrease, oil and filter (automotive maintenance)
GOFGentlemen of Fortune (barbershop chorus, Vancouver)
GOFGrapple of Fixture (robotics)
GOFGoodness Of Fit
GOFGovernor's Opportunity Fund
GOFGroups Of Forces (Non-Soviet Warsaw Pact)
GOFGang of Four (Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John Vlissides; authors of the book Design Patterns)
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The recently launched GOF XPE product, provides long time usage and can lower energy expenditures, has the lowest heat conduction and helps in reducing the loss of calorific capacity.
Bu farw yn Ffrainc yn ystod y Rhyfel Mawr ond bydd darlith Geraint yn dwyn i gof ei gampau rhyfeddol ar y cae, ac oddi ar y cae.
A cairn on the edge overlooking Gwern Gof Isaf, some 1600ft below marks the highest point at 805m/2,642ft.
On 30 November 2009, the GOF proposed a "pact" to fight illegal drugs in the European Council.
Serman said that the GOF believed that Sudan was extremely sensitive about the ICC and thus subject to a signal along the lines he mentioned.
Inspired to create GOFs by the metal-organic frameworks that are also under scrutiny for hydrogen storage, the team is just beginning to uncover the new structures' properties.
We have been liquidating our position in tranches to optimize our returns and I am happy to state that we have attractive net return to GOF I.
Contributors working in computer science and software engineering from around the world describe Balanced pattern specification language, the Design pattern modeling language, formal specifications of GoF patterns, an abstraction mechanism for collective behavior in reactive distributed systems, and structural and behavioral aspects.
Once the most complex model passes the GOF test, selection of the most appropriate model (of those nested within this most complex model) for the data using Akaike's Information Criterion (AIC) can occur.
GOF will offer polyester fabrics, including products with fire retardant and waterproof coatings, qualified for use with DuPont Artistri.
GoF catalogue [4] presents a well-known group of design patterns which uses object-oriented notation to capture the experience of several experts in software design.
Total serum cholesterol values don't gof far enough in calculating a person's risk of heart disease, the panel asserted last week.