GoGBGirls of Great Britain (rollerblading club; UK)
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The GOGB should continue to work with its partners in the GIABA and the ECOWAS, and others to establish and implement an effective anti-money laundering/counter-terrorist financing (AML/CFT) regime.
The GOGB and the USG and other governments have requested food aid from the international community.
Confident in their cause, proud of their success, and full of good feeling for each and every buddy from the old days, the GOGB leadership is relaxed about themselves, their colleagues, and their future.
The GOGB should become a party to the UN Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism, and the UN Conventions against Corruption and Transnational Organized Crime.
Finally, there are rumors that Nino is not happy with the predominance of Cape Verdeans in the GOGB.
The Forum issued a report in which it recommended a substantial restructuring of the GOGB criminal justice system and changes to the criminal code.
There are no GOGB efforts targeted specifically to reduce local drug consumption.
In October 2010, former GOGB Treasury Secretary Maria Paula Costa was found guilty on charges of fraud and negligence by a Bissau court and given a fine and three years in prison.
The GOGB works closely with the European Union's Security Sector Reform Mission, launched in March, 2008.