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GOBIGlobal Online Bibliographic Information
GOBIGeneral Officer Bright Idea
GOBIGeophysical Ocean-Bottom Instrument
GOBIGrowth monitoring of young children, Oral rehydration therapy, promotion of Breast feeding, and Immunization (UNICEF)
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Though Chadwick and the other members of the Gobi Bear Project know that saving these big, unruly, long-eared, shaggy, fun-loving, chocolate-colored, bronze, or golden Gobi grizzly bears will not change the world, it will at least keep them in it.
He explained: "A local had seen all the posters and was walking his dog when he spotted Gobi and he called me.
Under the terms of the SPA, the company will facilitate the sale by way of a placing of 70m of the 280m shares to be issued as consideration for the acquisition to the beneficial owners of Gobi Minerals with the resulting funds being payable to the Vendors in accordance with the SPA.
GOBI provides access to more than 13 million titles, including more than one million e-books from leading publishers and aggregators, all in one place.
Andrew's mud-splattered | |bike and, top, the view from his tent in the Gobi desert
Guided by the extensive experience and expertise of Chairman Munshi in the Mongolian mining sector, Gobi Coal provides Aabar with a strong platform for evaluation and consolidation of attractive mining projects in a country that has been endowed with some of the richest mineral deposits in the world.
The intention of these LTTE operatives headed by Gobi had been to recover arms caches hidden by the LTTE prior to their defeat.
The ZTE Flare utilizes the Qualcomm Gobi 9x30 chipset, which is capable of supporting peak LTE Category 6 downlink speeds of up to 300 Mbps, making the device an ideal choice for global users looking for the fastest mobile broadband experience.
What these smaller mountains did was expand the Gobi north and west into Mongolia,' said Jeremy Caves, who was involved in the study.
During a winter festival in Mongolia, a country north of China, people race two-humped camels across the Gobi Desert.