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GHUAGod Hates Us All (music album)
GHUAGod Help Us All
GHUAGolden Horseshoe Umpires' Association (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
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IF the proposed badges for the PSNI are the best that the NIO can come up with then God help us all.
GOD help us all at the thought of Hazel Blears heading a government commission on how to better integrate minorities into British society.
God help us all if the beast that locked a greyhound in a shed to starve to death ever takes that step.
A HEAD of her run for the US presidency - God help us all - Sarah Palin has been helping to put together a documentary about her life for release this summer.
God help us all if he ever gets his hands on nuclear weapons.
If this is the quality of the debate that we can expect during parliament hours, God help us all.
God help us all if this is the level of brainpower this Government has.