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GONADSGeographical and Oceanographic Navigation Administration and Department of Sea-travel (UK)
GONADSGaming Ordinators National Association Of Developing Systems (fictional decline of video gaming)
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MDA level in the hepatopancreas and gonad of females were higher than males, except muscle tissue (P less than 0.
Key criteria included the presence of oogonia and primitive testicular tissue in the gonads of bisexual juveniles, the presence of brown body atretic structures in testes of mature sex-changed males as evidence of prior female function, and the occurrence of transitional individuals whose gonads contained both developing male and regressing female tissue types (Sadovy de Mitcheson and Liu, 2008).
Sexual structure: From the 135 gonads analyzed 61 were males and 74 were females (Table 1).
In mouse fetal gonads, Cd increased only female germ cell apoptosis.
However, during sexual maturation, the gonads begin producing large amounts of hormones that induce development of secondary sex traits.
Females stored significantly less than males, while having significantly larger gonads than males.
If the shields were present, whether the gonads were effectively protected was recorded.
Normal androgen and estrogen secretions require a functioning gonad.
The biopsies of gonads were fixed in Bouin solution, dehydrated in alcohol, and embedded in paraffin.
He finally came up with gonads - the medical term for testicles.
I also argue that the continued use of the concept of pseudohermaphrodite (individuals with gonads of one type combined with secondary sex characteristics of a different type) is anachronistic, suggesting--wrongly--that we can know a person's true gender if we know what cells are in his/her gonads.
Now the trend to add some spice to the recipe is a heavy dose of teen-angst drama driven largely by gonads and hormones.