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GONADSGeographical and Oceanographic Navigation Administration and Department of Sea-travel (UK)
GONADSGaming Ordinators National Association Of Developing Systems (fictional decline of video gaming)
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The absence of small males, presence of atretic oocytes and brown bodies in testes of mature males, and both developed ovarian and testicular tissues in the gonads of five transitional fish provided evidence of protogynous hermaphroditism.
After euthanization, bilobate gonads were excised, cleaned of connective tissue and weighed.
Gonads of individuals in MS III (developing) and MS IV (ripe) were collected to estimate fecundity.
Preliminary results indicate that the frog population in North Dakota exhibits a well-balanced sex ratio, healthy development of gonads, no malformations in the physical appearance or the bone structure, and a healthy snout to urostyle length.
Unfortunately for the contestant, gonads could not be accepted - as it is not listed in the Oxford English Dictionary.
Proximate analyses for protein, carbohydrate and lipid were performed on gonad and somatic tissues.
Some males appeared to undergo complete sex reversal and had gonads almost completely filled with immature female egg cells.
This knowledge led Goro Yoshizaki of the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology and his colleagues to wonder whether the gonads of male fish contain cells that might become either eggs or sperm.
Initially, examinations of both male and female fish were conducted, but after preliminary evidence showed that nematodes were not present in the gonads of male fish, future examinations were restricted to female fish.