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For it is said that this Grade II- listed farmhouse has possible connections to Good Queen Bess herself.
6% of people voted for Good Queen Bess while Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire (the Princess Di of her day they say) came third winning over 9.
Higgins interpreter Ashlie Jensen portrays Good Queen Bess in full Elizabethan attire.
Only three women cropped up in our history lessons - Queen Elizabeth who was called Good Queen Bess but cut people's heads off, Joan of Arc who was brave and talked to God but we burned her alive, and Grace Darling, who was all the rage in those days but seems to have gone out of fashion since then.
He covers town and village housing, materials and structure, plans and decoration, interior rooms and details, outbuildings and gatehouses, and Tudor houses built after the time of Good Queen Bess.
His Annales of Elizabeth I's rule established what were to be seen as the central issues of that queen's reign for centuries, and, at least in the hands of his translators, laid the foundations for the legend of Good Queen Bess.
TODAY AND TOMORROW A recreation of a 1575 visit by Good Queen Bess to Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire is the high spot of their Elizabethan pageant.
William Shakespeare is approached by the resistance to prepare a play to serve as the call to arms to rise up in support of Good Queen Bess, held captive in the Tower of London.
In her first outing as Good Queen Bess, Mirren--who has won repeated accolades for her portrayals of iron maidens and virgin queens like Prime Suspect's Detective Inspector Jane Tennison and Gosford Park's headmistress Mrs.
But that was then and this is now and it seems there's no stopping this first class non -professional company who started out in 1926 with a production of In the Days of Good Queen Bess.
Each chapter has a thematic focus, encapsulated by one of the many names by which Elizabeth I was known: Gloriana, The Virgin Queen, Good Queen Bess, The Faery Queen, Virginia.