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GCSEGeneral Certificate of Secondary Education (British)
GCSEGlobal Common Subexpression Elimination (compiler optimization)
GCSEGoogle Custom Search Engine
GCSEGeneralized Convulsive Status Epilepticus
GCSEGeneral Computer Self-Efficacy (individual’s judgment of efficacy across multiple computer application domains)
GCSEGreen Chencinski Starkman Eles LLP (chartered accountants; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
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Google Custom Search Engine, a tool on the Co-op platform, puts you in control of your own search engine.
Google said the Google Custom Search Engine allows individual users or companies to set up personalised online searches, effectively providing them with their own version of Google search and making searches more relevant.
Google Custom Search Engine refines the earlier Google Co-op offering.
Google Custom Search Engines have several upgrades planned, but as part of that process, older API access points and associated features will no longer be available.
Google Custom Search Engines: Of all the options, the Google Custom Search Engines (CSEs) are some of the easiest to create and share with others.
In the expertise arena, we see Google Coop and Google Custom Search Engines, Orkut, and maybe a rumored effort to build around social networking, the Maka-Maka platform.