GORGGeriatric Oral Research Group (Ann Arbor, MI)
GORGGeneral Officer Review Group
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Based on plant-level data for the Irish electronics sector, Gorg and Hanley (2005b) find that international outsourcing negatively affects labor demand.
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After controlling for several firm and industry differences, a large amount of empirical research found that FMNEs are more footloose than DOMFs (Colombo and Delmastro 2000 for Italy; Bernard and Sjoholm 2003 for Indonesia; Gorg and Strobl 2003 for Ireland; Girma and Gorg 2004 for the UK; Van Beveren 2007 for Belgium; Alvarez and Gorg 2009 for Chile; Inui et al.
Some recent empirical studies by, for instance, Geishecker (2006, 2008), Geishecker and Gorg (2008), Munch and Skaksen (2009), and Senses (2010) exploit plant- or worker-specific dependent variables, but the offshoring variable remains industry-specific.
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In Gorg and Spaliara (2013) we examine the link between firms' financial health, borrowing ratio and export market exit, paying special attention to the recent financial crisis.
In most of these studies--after controlling for firm and industry differences--FMNEs are found to be more footloose than domestic firms (see, among others, Colombo, Delmastro 2000 for Italy; Bernard, Sjoholm 2003 for Indonesia; Gorg, Strobl 2003 for Ireland; Girma, Gorg 2004 for UK; Alvarez, Gorg 2009 for Chile), while in other studies they are found to have the same chances of survival as domestic firms (Mata, Portugal 2002 for Portugal; Ozler, Taymaz 2007 for Turkey, Blanchard et al.
Based on Gachino's (2010) model for determinants of spillover and studies using meta-analysis methodology developed by Gorg and Strobl (2001), Gorg and Greenaway (2004), and Wooster and Diebel (2010), we outline the determinants of spillover occurrence in a broad conceptual model, as presented in Figure 2.
A partir de los trabajos iniciales de Feenstra, un conjunto significativo de estudios se han centrado en analizar si el impacto sobre salarios o empleo esta relacionado con el nivel de educacion o cualiAcacion de los trabajadores (Canals, 2006; Ekholm & Hakkala, 2006; Geishecker, 2006; Geishecker & Gorg, 2008; Keusschingg & Ribi, 2009).
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