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GORNGroup on Operational European Weather Radar Networking
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Lukhtanov EA, Lokhov SG, Gorn W, Podyminogin MA, Mahoney W.
Sarasota (941) 349-3200 Fabric, trim, tassels, upholstery and window treatments: Bacon & Wing, (941) 366-0635 Area rugs: Barry Gorn, Resource Partners, 2416 Constitution Blvd.
Lukhtanov EA, Lokhov SG, Gorn VV, Podyminogin MA, Mahoney W.
The "country-of-origin" effect, asserts that consumers are influenced by their beliefs about the country where a product is manufactured, assembled, or branded (Tse and Gorn, 1993).
The accident was branded "horrific" by the Keith's local councillor, Linda Gorn.
Gorn and Florsheim (1985) examined the effect of commercials for adult products on children and found that such exposure does have an effect but that it is mainly a function of the product category advertised.
Naturally Catherine's Nan had the last (four-letter) word after Tom had gorn - and I've cleaned this up: "What a liberty, he's used all me lavatory paper.
Gorn notes, men "turned to a more elemental concept of manhood," which emphasized "Toughness, ferocity, prowess, [and] honor"(141)--traits often idealized in the boxing arena, football field, and baseball diamond.
Gorn & Warren Goldstein in our November 2004 issue?
Shantala, featuring Heather and Benjy Wertheimer and bamboo flute master Steve Gorn, will team up Saturday for music and meditation at Tamarack Wellness Center, 3575 Donald St.
But on receiving the message called to his wife: "Bunty, the phone's gorn crazy, I think I've got a stalker
Gorn, chief historian at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, has been selected by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics for its 2004 Gardner-Lasser Aerospace History Literature Award.