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After conducting the survey of and consulting the previous allotment record from the files available in the Administration Directorate, the report read, they discovered that from 2010 to July 2015, around 344 government-owned accommodations were allotted after relaxing the rules.
There is a substantial risk that the total costs of using government-owned life insurance to finance pension or OPEB liabilities would exceed the costs associated with traditional asset management investment options.
The government has given its go-ahead to the CPSE ETF comprising stocks of 11 large government-owned companies with a view to expedite disinvestment in these companies.
London: Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Britain's biggest government-owned lender, will signal next week it plans to sell a 15 per cent to 25 per cent stake in its Citizens Financial Group unit, according to a person familiar with the plan.
In the meanwhile, the Department of Economic Affairs was asked to prepare a comprehensive land transfer policy for government-owned lands.
Appointment of Liu Teng-cheng as the chairman of Taiwan Financial Holding is regarded as a promotion, since the company is the largest government-owned financial institution and Taiwan Cooperative Financial Holding is the second largest government-owned financial institution.
The Portofino Tower One Homeowners Association (Homeowners Association) challenged the assessments by disputing the amount and whether the County had the right to assess ad valorem taxes on improvements located on government-owned property.
The Dubai government-owned airline has asked Dubai Islamic Bank, Ajman Bank and Al Hilal Bank to arrange the financing deal for two Airbus A380 superjumbos and one Boeing 777-300, Mohamed Berro, Chief Executive of Abu Dhabi government- owned Al Hilal Bank told Reuters.
5 billion on two oil refineries to be built in the UAE and Oman, according to documents released by the Abu Dhabi government-owned company.
Summary: A Au10 billion deal between British oil giant BP and Russian government-owned Rosneft has been put on hold.
Since the indexing of property is often left to individual agencies, there is no accurate, comprehensive federal database of government-owned property.
Summary: Government-owned entities in Dubai are likely to receive more financial aid from eitherC*
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