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GOYALGreek Orthodox Young Adult League (Washington, DC)
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head of a deep dip or goyal, as we call it, upon the
or it may be the most drunken, rode forward down the goyal.
Goyal asked the relevant officials to allot the required 23 meter wide land for the bridge, and if necessary acquire land after paying the compensation.
Goyal suggested the industry to look for more innovative retail platforms in order to make it more affordable
Pineapple Co was created to leverage the unique spirit of openness, creativity, and hospitality that has been a key component to the success of our existing companies," said Goyal.
Consultant oncoplastic surgeon Mr Sumit Goyal says: "While breast cancer is common - the good news is, that if it is picked up in good time, then it is treatable and early diagnosis gives the best chance of a good outcome.
Goyal said that "2015" is a prestigious year for company, as this year we entered into the partnerships with some global giants of IT industry and we are planning to expand our business to world's most business locations like Australia and Canada.
While on one of their frequent backpacking trips, founders Prakash Sikchi and Anoop Goyal decided to launch a company that would use technology to make it easier for people to travel.
Once my actual user requirements are broadly met, I'm hoping to start opening up to private miners," Goyal told Reuters on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos.
I visualise an investment of nearly $250 billion in this sector in the next four or five years," Goyal told a World Economic Forum conference in New Delhi.
Consultant oncoplastic surgeon Mr Goyal explained the frequency with which breast cancer occurs.
Inaugurating a conclave on RandD in New and Renewable Energy here, Goyal urged the experienced and young scientists to guide us what we can do to create international level labs for research and development in the country.