GPEAGovernment Paperwork Elimination Act of 1998
GPEAGeneral Power Engineering Associates (Sarasota, FL)
GPEAGuild of Professional Estate Agents (UK)
GPEAGeneral Practice Education Australia (now Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Resource Development Unit)
GPEAGraduate Program in Educational Administration (Governors State University; University Park, IL)
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Following the signing of this GPEA agreement, a $60 million (Dh220 million) payment was made to Dana Gas by the Egyptian Government in December 2014 as part of its payments.
The GPEA allows the Company to significantly enhance production and to start gradually recovering its outstanding receivables in a phased manner over the next few years.
We are also delighted to have concluded the Gas Production Enhancement Agreement and are working closely with the authorities to accelerate the implementation of the Gpea in order to fast-track enhanced production and the payment of the remaining outstanding receivables as quickly as possible going forward.
The GPEA agreement allows investments to be made in an important development program to eventually increase production from current levels of around 40,000 BOEPD from the company's development leases in the Nile Delta.
5m (pounds 801,000) contract to provide online training for a graduate education programme in Philadelphia, USA, and has just secured a major deal with the Australian Medical Association, the GPEA, to supply training for medics across Australia.
Government organizations have GPEA, eFOIA and homeland security.
Agency plans on implementing GPEA arrived at OMB on October 31, 2000.
Like the OFPP Act amendments, the GPEA requires the use of electronic data exchange, but remains technologically neutral, leaving the specific processes to be developed and adopted by each agency.
At a time when Chinas government is assuming greater climate leadership, the coal-to-chemical industry poses a major obstacle to the nations energy transition, said GPEA climate & energy campaigner Gan Yiwei.
With the GPEA project in Egypt making progress, we are in good shape to not only sustain but markedly increase our production in Egypt in the medium term," he added.