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GRASERGamma Ray Amplification By Stimulated Emission of Radiation
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Graser Y, el Fari M, Presber W, Sterry W, Tietz HJ: Identification of common dermatophytes (Trichophyton, Microsporum, Epidermophyton) using polymerase chain reactions.
For an overview of this subject, see Peukert (1986, 1987), Harvey (1987), Graser (1995), Dickinson (1996), Bornboldt (2008), and Anhorn, Bettinger, and Stehr (2008).
Graser, and Obaid Younossi, Test and Evaluation Trends and Costs for Aircraft and Guided Weapons (Arlington, Va.
Daniel Graser, a priest from Sarosul pe Tarnave (Sibiu County), who wrote that "up above the village of Bazna, there is a spring of salty water, and right near it, there is another spring from which something like a flammable gas is bursting".
This alkaloid was first found in Trichocereus lobivioides R Graser & F Ritter, synthesized and named lobivine (Shulgin Unpublished data).
Dafur benutzte man meist die Blatter oder Bluten des Mittelwegerichs, aber auch andere biegsame Graser und Krauter, aus deren Stangel ein dem Schlittenkorb ahnelndes Spielzeug so geflochten wurde, dass der beim Flechten hinter die Finger reichende gekrummte Bogen des ersten Stangels die Ruckenlehne bildete.
At Ohio's Marion Star, Tom Graser has been named managing editor; previously he was assistant managing editor of North Carolina's Asheville Citizen-Times (both are Gannett papers).
Founded by Armand-Raphael Graser, the house is so called because he considered Champagne to be the most noble of beverages, and simply added his initials.
To prevent the influence of confounding factors, the study excluded subjects who regularly made use of oral contraceptives (Mueck, Seeger, Petersen, Shultze-Wintrop & Wallwiener, 2001; Seeger, Ludtke, Graser, Wallwiener & Mueck, 2000), antidepressant drugs (Breier, 1995; Linnoila, Miller, Bartko, & Potter, 1984), and betablocker drugs (Neftel & Gautschi, 1986); subjects who had a body mass index (BMI Kg/[m.