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GREJGreen Jay (bird species)
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It seems animals everywhere are skittish around feeders, and it doesn't take more than a panicked squirrel or green jay to send a flock of hens, herd of deer or sounder of hogs sprinting into the brush.
Expect to see whooping cranes, ferruginous pygmy owls, tropical parula, Aplomado falcon, green jay, Harris' hawk, and more
Animals that Benefit: Green jay, chachalaca, ocelot, jaguarundi, red-crowned parrot, indigo snake, buff-bellied hummingbird
YOUR FIRST LOOK AT the shimmering iridescence of a green jay may convince you that you've come to the right place.
Here, in preserves along the Rio Grande and Laguna Madre, you'll find Mexican species like the green jay that range no farther north than the South Texas brushlands, as well as species that migrate to the Valley from colder northern climes.
texana) and provides habitat for a variety of birds, including the buff-bellied hummingbird, pheasant-like chachalaca, green jay, groove-billed ani, and pauraque.
On most days, you can easily spot residents like the chachalaca, golden-fronted woodpecker, great kiskadee, and green jay.
In one short afternoon at the Center's HQ at Bentsen State Park, we saw orange orioles, green jays, mockingbirds, kingfishers and gnatcatchers, while a walk through the grounds of the beautiful Quinta Mazatlan estate revealed hummingbirds zipping among the trees.
In the thickets, green jays, altamira orioles and golden-fronted woodpeckers were a delight to these northern eyes.